Papua New Guinea nationals: Support for Water and Sanitation Sector Management

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

, , PG

Objective and Purpose of the Assignment
Access rates to a basic service level of drinking water (41%) and sanitation (13%) are lower in PNG that 
any other Pacific nation. Limited access to safe and adequate water supply and sanitation services 
undermines public health, which in turn impacts poverty levels and imposes constraints on sustainable 
development. The National Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Policy recognizes the need for 
substantially improved access to water and sanitation services and improved hygiene, particularly in 
rural and peri-urban settlement areas.

Scope of Work
The proposed assignment is in line with ADB’s ongoing support to strengthen WASH awareness, practices 
and policy in PNG. Strengthened WASH practices, in particular hand hygiene behaviors, will enhance the 
capacity of communities to prevent disease transmission, and in doing so will directly address the 
coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic.

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output
Working with local WASH sector stakeholders, and with guidance from an international WASH specialist and 
ADB, lead the roll out of WASH and hygiene behavioral change programs in Kerema and potentially other 
provincial urban centers. Activities are expected to include, but not be limited to:
(i) discussions with key stakeholders (such as DNPM, provincial government, Water PNG, schools, 
hospitals and health clinics, and NGOs) to refine and finalize the draft WASH program (the initial draft 
will be prepared by the international WASH specialist);
(ii) collaboratively identify key hygiene promotion messages and communication channels;
(iii) identify, adapt, and/or develop hygiene promotion materials
(iv) lead (at least) monthly WASH outreach / hygiene behavioral change campaigns;
(v) distribute selected goods (e.g. soap) to program beneficiaries, where applicable; 
(vi) work closely with other consultants on the installation of equipment (e.g. handwashing stations) 
and other activities;
(vii) ensure proper records are kept of e.g. meeting minutes, goods distributed, households surveyed, 
outreach activities (ensuring gender-disaggregated data collection) to support monitoring and evaluation 
of the program;
(viii) ensure proper records are kept of any out-of-pocket expenses for liquidation;
(ix) prepare monthly reports outlining the activities undertaken;
(x) conduct or support surveys, studies and reporting, which may involve engaging selected ad-hoc 
support services (e.g. research assistants, admin assistants);
(xi) other activities as discussed with the international WASH specialist and ADB.

Upon approval from ADB, the consultant may engage selected ad-hoc support services (e.g. research 
assistants, admin assistants) to assist with surveys or related activities. A provisional sum will be 
included in the contract to allow for purchase of PPE such as facemasks if required.

Minimum Qualification Requirements
The consultant will hold a qualification in WASH, public health, sociology or a related field and will 
have at least 5 years’ experience in community engagement in relation to WASH or public health.




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