Natural Resources Progam Manager (Fisheries)

Marin Municipal Water District

Fairfax, CA, US


The Marin Municipal Water District (District) is recruiting for a Natural Resources Program Manager who will be assigned to the District’s Fisheries Program. This mid-management class serves as a subject matter expert and program manager with responsibility for directing District staff and consultants in activities involved with natural resource management, environmental planning, regulatory compliance, fisheries monitoring, and stream restoration design and implementation. This key manager will lead all aspects of the District’s Lagunitas Stewardship Plan.  The ideal candidate will have effective oral and written communication skills necessary to develop and maintain lasting partnerships with resource agencies, government entities and community representatives, and keep partners informed and engaged. He/she will have in depth knowledge of fisheries stewardship with experience complying with drinking water and environmental regulations and will possess a proven track record of representing an organization’s interests while facilitating regional environmental stewardship initiatives.

The District:

The District is a medium sized, municipal, water agency with a Board of Directors/ General Manager form of government, 240 full time employees and a $105,000,000 combined annual operating and capital budget for FY 2020. Annually, the District delivers water to 190,000 residents and businesses in the central and southern portions of Marin County and has stewardship responsibilities for 21,000 acres of pristine watershed lands on Mt. Tam. The District operates seven water supply reservoir in Marin County, five of which are within the Lagunitas Creek Watershed.

The Job:

This is a mid-management level job class. This manager is responsible for the following:

· Manages all aspects of the District’s Lagunitas Stewardship Plan and all fisheries and aquatic resource management in watersheds within the District’s sphere of influence;

· Analyzes, implements, and monitors the District’s watershed management operations in relation to fisheries and aquatic resources, wildlife, hydrology, geomorphic conditions, and other environmental factors;

· Conducts environmental review for projects and programs in coordination with the District’s Division and Department Managers pursuant to local, state and federal laws, policies and regulations, acquires regulatory permits and clearances, provides environmental consultation and services;

· Leads planning of fisheries habitat and stream restoration projects; manages the implementation of habitat restoration projects, including permitting and compliance,  and long-term monitoring plans;

· Manages fisheries monitoring programs, field activities, safety, and equipment; conducts aquatic resource surveys and analyzes species census data to determine population status and trends; identifies, analyzes, and catalogs field specimens;

· Coordinates biological monitoring  responses to water infrastructure discharges into waterways, analyzes location of discharge, directs field staff regarding fisheries and aquatic resource monitoring requirements, and as needed responds to discharges within sensitive creeks to document impacts to aquatic resources;

· Prepares and administers grant applications relating to planning and implementing projects within watershed in the District’s sphere of influence; conducts environmental assessments to inform project planning, develops resource agency permit applications, and communicates project details with agency partners;

· Directs and participates in the development, negotiation, and administration of contract services, monitors the work of contractors and consultants, reviews and approves payments, and implements appropriate contractual changes;

· Provides professional level staff support to a variety of boards, commissions, and committees; prepares and presents reports and other necessary correspondence to stakeholder groups and resources agencies;

· Coordinates the Lagunitas Technical Advisory Committee (TAC); assists with the administration of TAC meetings.


Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate will have effective oral and written communication skills necessary to develop and maintain lasting partnerships with resource agencies, government entities and community representatives, and keep partners informed and engaged. He/she will have in depth knowledge of fisheries stewardship with experience complying with drinking water and environmental regulations and will possess a proven track record of representing an organization’s interests while facilitating regional environmental stewardship initiatives.

Minimum Qualifications:  Any combination equivalent to experience and education that could likely provide the required knowledge and abilities would be qualifying. A typical way to obtain the knowledge and abilities would be:

· EDUCATION: Completion of a Bachelor’s degree or preferably a Master’s degree from an accredited college or university with major course work in biology, forestry, environmental science, ecology, hydrology, fisheries biology, natural resources management, or a related science


· EXPERIENCE: Four years of increasingly responsible experience in the analysis, formulation, or implementation of natural resources management, fisheries planning and monitoring, or watershed and wildland protection programs, with at least two years in a lead or supervisor role of a natural resources, watershed, or park maintenance staff.

Other Requirements:

· Per California Government Code, Title 1, Division 4, Chapter 8, Section 3100 “all public employees are hereby declared to be disaster service workers subject to such disaster service activities as may be assigned to them by their superiors or by law.” (Ref: California Government Code, Title 1, Division 4, Chapter 8, Sections 3100- 3109);

· Possession of an appropriate California driver’s license issued by the State Department of Motor Vehicles and satisfactory driving record;

· First Aid and CPR certificates to be obtained within the first six months of employment;

· Willingness to wear prescribed uniform;

· Willingness to work alternate work schedules and overtime as necessitated by changes in operating conditions.


The following provides a brief description of the Marin Municipal Water District’s (MMWD) benefit package for Mid-Management employees.  Please refer to individual contracts or policies for details.


Full-time regular employees earn vacation with pay at the following bi-weekly rates for each complete year of service with MMWD:

For the first nine (9) years of service 4.62 hours/pay period

For the next six (6) years of service 6.16 hours/pay period

Sixteen (16) years of service 6.47 hours/pay period

Seventeen (17) years of service 6.77 hours/pay period

Eighteen (18) years of service         7.08 hours/pay period

Nineteen (19) years of service         7.39 hours/pay period

For twenty (20) or more years of service 7.70 hours/pay period

Vacation may be used by an employee only after completion of six (6) months of service.


MMWD grants 11 paid, set holidays each year; 1 or 2 paid floating holidays are granted dependent on hire date.


Employees accrue 15 days per year and may accumulate paid sick leave with no limit, to be used for illness or other approved absences. A lump sum payout equal to 75% of the number of hours for unused sick leave (to a maximum payout of 750 hours) will be paid upon retirement.  Annual incentive buy-back plan is available.


Each management category employee will be entitled to five (5) days of administrative leave. 


MMWD contracts with CalPERS health care, which makes available a variety of medical plans.  The premium contribution of MMWD, for an employee only or an employee plus one dependent shall be set at the rate of the plan that falls in the middle of the list of available plans.  Coverage for additional dependents may be purchased by payroll deduction.


Dental insurance is available to employees and their families after three months of service through the Delta Dental Plan of California.  MMWD pays the premium for the employee and dependents. Delta Dental Plan will pay 100% of the dentist’s usual, customary, and reasonable fees for services covered per the contract, to a maximum of $2,000 per eligible enrolled person per calendar year.  Orthodontia coverage is provided for eligible dependent children, up to a lifetime maximum of $2,500.


Coverage at 1 times the annual salary up to $100,000 is provided at District expense.


After completion of one month of employment, MMWD pays the premium for long term disability insurance for each full time, regular employee.  The insurance provides payment of up to 60% of salary to a maximum of $6,000 per month for an employee who is disabled and cannot perform in his/her regular job functions.  There is an eligibility waiting period of three months.


MMWD is a member of the California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS).  The program is mandatory for all full-time employees.  For new employees hired after January 1, 2013, the retirement formula is 2.0%@62. The employee’s contribution rate is 5.75% of salary. For employees hired before January 1, 2013 the retirement formula is 2.7%@55. The employee’s contribution rate is 8%.  Employees hired after January 1, 2013 who are already members of CalPERS and who have had less than a 6 month break in service may be eligible for the 2.7%@55 formula. 


All employees are eligible to participate in the 457(b) deferred compensation plan pursuant to the “Deferred Compensation Plan” approved by the District Board of Directors on May 22, 1985 consistent with current IRS regulations and requirements.


MMWD participates in the Social Security System and payroll deductions are made each pay period in accordance with Federal law.


To provide temporary disability income to an employee in the event of an on-the-job illness or injury, employees are covered under the provisions of MMWD’s Workers’ Compensation policy.


This plan provides eligible full-time employees reimbursement of vision care expenses not covered by the health plan.  Reimbursable expenses are up to $250 for glasses and frames, lenses and contact lenses, or other necessary vision care expenses per calendar year.  The employee may carry over any remaining monies for one year for an accumulated total of up to $600 to be used over a two year period.  In the third year, the reimbursable amount returns to $250.


Managers may use the $2,500 annual allowance for education and training, to offset the cost of his/her medical coverage, to offset the cost of personal medical (non-cosmetic) procedures not covered by the employee’s insurance, to apply to a computer purchase, or place part or all of these funds into a deferred compensation plan.

Special Instructions

Selection Process:

The process may include a panel interview and a final interview. Only those candidates with the best combination of qualifications in relation to the requirements and duties of the position will continue in the selections process.

How to Apply:

Open until filled. 

For first consideration, apply by 5 p.m.

Monday, August 3, 2020. 


Tentative oral board date August 13, 2020*; Tentative final interview date August 20, 2020* 

Please hold these dates on your calendar.

*Dates are tentative and subject to change.

· To be considered for this position you must submit a completed application, cover letter and resume.

· Complete and submit the supplemental questionnaire.

Recruitment Contact

Contact phone: 
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