PhD: Architecture and Environment via EURAXESS

Università degli Studi di Sassari

The environmental issue requires us to rethink ways and means
of living around the concepts of environmental sustainability and the various
scales, spatial planning and transport systems, of
management of biotic and abiotic resources and ecosystems,
of energy, water and soil, resources, resources, resources, resources
sustainable design, the philosophy of architecture and
project, recovery and regeneration methodology
urban to the design of objects and communication.
The doctorate aims to train a researcher capable of
understand the built spaces and their relationship with the environment and
natural landscape to plan its management and transformation. This
requires a systemic and multidisciplinary approach: the fences
disciplinarians with their exclusionary theories do not permit
address the issue of sustainability in an integrated way.
The PhD is thematic and interdisciplinary, but it is consistent for
contents, objectives and methodological approach

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