U.S. nationals: Hydrologic Technician

U.S. Natural Resources Conservation Service

Palmer, AK, US


This position is located in the Snow Survey Data Collection Office (DCO), Alaska State Office, Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), United States Department of Agriculture. The primary purpose for the positions is assisting in the installation and maintenance of the hydrologic, meteorological, and electronic components of the Snow Telemetry (SNOTEL) system and associated duties.

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  • Oversees or assists with the collection of basic hydro-meteorological data through field measurements and through contacts with other agencies and cooperators.
  • Assists with the collection of data used in water supply forecasting through field measurements and through contacts with other agencies and cooperators.
  • Independently collects, examines, interprets, and analyzes snow survey and related hydro-meteorological data. Performs statistical analyses on these data to assure the accuracy of the data and efficiency of the data collection network.
  • Independently performs maintenance on snow pillows and precipitation gauges. Maintains and wires electronic components at remote SNOTEL sites. This includes troubleshooting and replacing batteries, transducers, and other system components.
  • Builds and assembles sensor mounting hardware and brackets, erects equipment towers, and installs solar panels, antennas, and monitoring equipment on towers.
  • Schedules and performs maintenance work on snow sampling sets and other related equipment used to obtain field measurements; and advises cooperators on the maintenance of similar equipment.
  • Assists in maintenance of SNOTEL/SCAN metadata database and procedures for obtaining metadata during normal field operations.
  • Consults and makes recommendations in the completion of schedules and coordination of personnel for collecting such data.
  • Operates computer programs to access, correlate, edit, archive, analyze, tabulate, plot, and report various data.
  • Performs duties such as records management, fleet and tool management, including inventory organization and control. Assists in organizing, managing, and cleaning snow survey shop facility and vehicles.