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The overall purpose of engaging a Contractor is to develop capacity within the Albanian Water Resources Management Agency (AMBU). The main task of the Contractor is, therefore, not to take over the implementation of the activities under the different components, but to assist AMBU in carrying out the activities and contribute tangibly to achieving the expected results. The main approach to developing knowledge and competence will be through on-the-job training and mentoring. For each expert proposed by the Contractor there will be at least one counterpart with whom s/he will work. In addition, there will be a number of workshops, seminars, training events and study visits that will develop capacity at an individual level.

The main functions of AMBU are:
1. Development, regulation and financing of the sector.
2. Directing functions, focusing on the water resources system.
3. Management functions, focusing on product/service delivery.
4. Operational functions, focusing on administration and operation.

The main challenges faced by AMBU in putting in place its internal organizational structure and beginning to execute its new legal functions include:
– Absorbing the functions that are required to be executed in order to fulfill its purpose.
– Clarifying its responsibilities and role in the sector, avoiding overlap with other institutions.
– Positioning staff in the respective positions of work.
– Acquiring and upgrading the technology and assets.
– Testing, accommodating and putting in operation the new internal structures.
– Ensuring proper interface and coordination with external stakeholders, that is, the other institutions holding responsibilities related to water resources.

The project is complex in that it covers the entire spectrum of AMBU responsibilities and reaches out in certain cases to the large number of beneficiaries and stakeholders in the water sector. It is also intended that there shall be a good level of flexibility in the implementation and the project shall be able to respond to changed priorities if such occur.

The expected project results, to the achievement of which the Contractor will contribute tangibly, are:

Result 1: Improved internal AMBU functioning between departments, sections and specific positions
Result 2: Improvement the integrated approach mechanism of the Agency with other sector stakeholders related to the water sector
Result 3: Increased levels of awareness of safe, equitable and legally acceptable water resource usage

NIRAS does not guarantee that we will reply to all applicants.

Qualifications required

Only the experts meeting the set criteria will be shortlisted and contacted.

– University degree in public administration, organisational management, business economics or similar, law, corresponding to at least M.Sc. level, or equivalent relevant experience.
– Fluency or working knowledge in written and spoken English
– Fluency in the Albanian language will be considered as an asset.
– Computer literate

Professional experience required

General professional experience
– At least 10 years of working experience in advising and working with institutional development within and with the government administration in the region.
– The working experience in this field in Western Balkan and Albania would be considered as an asset.

Specific professional experience
– A minimum 3 years of experience of working with reform and/or capacity development within the water sector or related sectors in the region.
– Knowledge of institutional set-up in Albania, including legislation will be considered as an asset.


590 work days over 3 years (80%)


22 January 2021

Deadline For Applications






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