Processing and analysis of multi and hyperspectral satellite images for the production of maps of lake water quality parameters via EURAXESS

Istituto per il Rilevamento Elettromagnetico dell’Ambiente - CNR

Production and analysis of Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-3 satellite data and hyperspectral images for the generation of data corrected by atmospheric effects and other radiometric disturbances (specular reflection, adjacency) and subsequent processing by means of bio-optical and semi-empirical modeling, for the estimation of bio-geophysical quantities (e.g. chlorophyll, suspended solids), for the ecological study of lake environments. Generation and analysis of maps of submerged vegetation in shallow lake areas and correlation analysis between the maps obtained from satellite data and water quality data measured in situ.

Eligibility criteria

Master degree in Environmental and Resources Sciences and Technologies, Environmental Sciences, Geology, Natural Sciences or equivalent obtained according to the regulations in force before the Ministerial Decree 509/99 or Master’s degree/Specialization (D.M. May 5, 2004), of a professional curriculum suitable for carrying out research activities

all the qualifications obtained abroad (university degree, doctorate and any other qualifications)must be previously recognized in Italy according to the legislation in force (information on the website: www. The equivalence of the aforementioned qualifications obtained abroad that have not already been recognized in Italy with the aforementioned formal procedure, will be evaluated, solely for the purpose of admission of the candidate to this selection, by the judging commission

A documented experience,
at least biennial, in the field, and in particular in at least one of the following areas:
– processing of remotely sensed multi / hyperspectral data for aquatic environmental applications;
– mapping and / or monitoring of aquatic macrophytes with geospatial techniques.
– use of multitemporal series of remote sensing data for limnological and / or ecological applications.
-knowledge of the English lang

Eligible destination country/ies for fellows:

  • Italy

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Selection process

Evaluation CV and interview

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