Graduate Assistantship in Ecohydrology

Washington State University

Vancouver, WA, US

  • A graduate assistantship is available in ecohydrology at Washington State University in Vancouver, for a student interested in a PhD (already with MS) or an MS-PhD dual degree commitment.
    • Likely research themes include, but are not limited to: (a) cycling of water through urban vegetation, urban soil moisture, and/or urban stream thermal balance, or (b) plant-water relations and ecohydrologic recovery following forest fire, although exceptional candidates interested in other topics relevant to the lab’s interests will be considered equally. Specific research topic(s) will ultimately be determined by the accepted student in consultation with supervisor Dr. Kevan Moffett.
    • Required qualifications include: strong mathematics and strong physical science or engineering background, familiarity with hydrology, strong writing and communication skills, research experience.
    • Desired (ideal, but not required!) qualifications include some or all of: mathematics through differential equations and linear algebra, hydrological or hydrogeological or hydrodynamical numerical modeling experience, programming experience, independent field research experience, some exposure to plant biology and/or aquatic biogeochemistry and/or soil physics and/or remote sensing analysis.
    • The position will begin in August 2017 and be in Environmental Sciences (if MS) or Environmental Science and Natural Resources (if PhD) at Washington State University, with study fully on the Vancouver campus. Funding of graduate tuition, full-time stipend, plus benefits is guaranteed for sufficient time to complete the degree. Vancouver, WA is a fantastic city located in southwestern Washington State, USA, between the coast and the Cascades Mountains, and just across the Columbia River from vibrant Portland, Oregon.
    • Interested applicants should email Dr. Moffett ([email protected]) with a brief statement of their interest and attach a CV. Not all inquiries may receive a reply. To be assured of a full review, applicants must submit a formal, complete application to the WSU graduate school by JANUARY 10 2017 according to the instructions here: Late applications from qualified applicants may be considered at the program and supervisor’s discretion.
    • Very strong applicants should also consider concurrently applying for the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, typically due in October each year (check NSF program for eligibility requirements, specific deadlines, and details). It is advisable to ask your current mentor to help review your proposal prior to submission. Dr. Moffett may also be willing to do so, time permitting. This is is not a condition of consideration for admission to WSU, just a helpful step to take concurrently, if possible.