Nepal nationals: Pilot Demonstration of Youth-Led Approach to Sustainable Bagmati River Basin Management - National Youth Communication Analyst

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Kathmandu, , NP

Objective and Purpose of the Assignment
The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is helping Nepal improve water resources management at the Bagmati 
River Basin through the Bagmati River Basin Improvement Project which is investing in setting up a river 
basin organization with the capacity to plan and manage the basin water resources in a fully integrated 
manner, equipped with decision support systems for integrated water resources management (IWRM). It 
seeks to help reduce pollution of the Bagmati River in accordance with the Bagmati Action Plan. Output 2 
of The Bagmati River Basin Improvement Project (BRBIP) focuses on riverbank environment in urban areas 
improved through mobilizing, raising awareness, and building capacity of local government and 
communities for riverbank management and maintenance as one of the main components. BRBIP proposes that 
the greenbelts and riverbanks along the improved Bagmati River be managed by the user committees formed 
by the local communities or by interested private sector or local CSOs and NGOs.

Pilot Demonstration of Youth-Led Approach to Sustainable Bagmati River Basin Management is a part of 
Pilot and Demonstration Activities for water ( the “PDA Program”) funded under the regional technical 
assistance for Knowledge and Innovation Support for ADB’s Water Financing Program to enable testing of 
new ideas and validation of innovative development approaches that are highly replicable and can 
strengthen ADB’s core operations, including policy dialogue with government, reform agenda formulation, 
country programming, and project preparation and implementation. 

The PDA will pilot youth engagement models with a mixture of cross-generational and global-local 
approaches to actively mobilize and encourage the young community members to take a leading role in 
river basin management activities with the following objectives: 1) increased awareness and capacity for 
regional youth leaders and local youth leaders in Nepal about river basin management and related SDGs.; 
and 2) sustainable and climate change resilient behaviors and 3R (Reduce – Reuse – Recycle) lifestyles 
built in youth and youth-influenced communities under SDGs umbrella. The pilot will use virtual 
interventions due to the nationwide lockdown to contain the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in 

Scope of Work
In the project area of Bagmati River Basin in Kathmandu valley (to be selected in consultation with the 
government and project team), the National Youth Communication Analyst will work under the international 
Youth Team Leader and work in collaboration with the national Youth Partnership Coordinator to implement 
the PDA under the supervising of BRBIP project officer, Principal Social Development Specialist (NGO and 
Civil Society Center), NGOC, Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department of ADB;  and the 
support of other consultants from ADB’s Youth for Asia (YfA) initiative.

The consultant will be responsible for the overall communication strategy and social media channels to 
showcase the project and manage delivery of any production/ service provider.  The consultant will 
manage the virtual experience before, during and after the delivery of the PDA activities. 

With particular reference to COVID-19, any need for international and national travel shall be assessed 
by ADB and consultant using ADB’s advice at the time of travel. Subject to ADB’s approval, the 
Consultant may use remote video technology meetings to replace face to face meetings as considered 
necessary. The consultant will report to the Principal Social Development Specialist (NGO and Civil 
Society Center), NGOC, Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department of ADB.

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output
The consultant will work in collaboration with the international Youth Team Leader and the national 
Youth Partnership Coordinator with advice from the BRBIP Team and YfA consultants on the following tasks:

•  Consultant will be responsible for the project communications strategy and production plan to ensure 
effective showcase of success stories to encourage more opportunities for partnering with youth for 
development within the PDA and other projects in ADB in line with ADB communication guidelines;
•  Consultant will survey local communities and design appropriate messaging for communications to 
various stakeholders of the project;
•  Consultant will support a stakeholder analysis of local youth-led and youth-focussed CSOs, including 
community-based organisation, and government agencies working with youth-CSOs in the BRBIP project area;
•  Consultant will manage social media channels including content creation, generation, posting and 
•  Consultant will research, select and manage relevant platforms, service providers to conduct virtual 
workshops and the World’s Largest Lesson effectively;
•  Consultant will oversee the translation of documents into Nepali language;
•  Consultant will supervise the graphic designs and readability of all training materials and project 
reports ensuring user friendly language and friendly use of graphics; Consultant might be responsible 
for certain minor design tasks if required.
•  Consultant will work closely with YfA’s Communications specialist;
•  Consultant will work collaborative with other consultants in the project to produce final 
publications, documents and showcasing materials of the PDA; 
•  Consultant will support the general implementation of the PDA as required.
Minimum Qualification Requirements
•  Preferably young adult, 18-29 inclusive
•  Nepali national
•  Degree in business administration, communications, social development, international development
•  Familiarity with ADB and Youth for Asia project implementation and management procedures will be 
considered a plus.
•  A strong interest in youth development, and social development. Prior experience in SDGs and youth 
development and leadership, awareness raising activities for youth in Nepal
•  Demonstrated experience in building collaborative relations with diverse partners in Nepal for 
development projects 
•  Familiar with popular digital learning platforms in Nepal and in the region. 
•  Demonstrated experience in designing communication strategy, managing social media channels, 
multimedia production activities. Prior experience in producing publications.
•  Excellent command of written and verbal communication in English and Nepali 
•  Ability to coordinate with teams remotely





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