NSF-funded Graduate Research Assistant in Hydrology via AGU

University of Colorado-Boulder

Boulder, CO, US

We invite applications for a PhD position available in the field of Hydrology at the University of Colorado Boulder. The graduate student will participate in an interdisciplinary research project that will explore the interactions between hydrologic processes, human water-use, and economic-driven water trade. The coupling between these natural and societal components will be examined across a range of climate conditions, with a focus on drought. The candidate will use both hydrologic modeling and observations to test hypotheses that quantify feedbacks between the hydrologic cycle and economics. This project will include opportunities to collaborate with economists, interact with regional stakeholders, and provide exposure to science in an industry setting.

The position can be housed in either the department of Geological Sciences, or the department of Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering. Majors in engineering, earth sciences, physics, or related fields are required. Experience in mathematical modeling and experimental work is desired.

The position will remain open until fulfilled. The target start date is Fall 2020, but a later date can be arranged.

If interested in the position or for more information, please contact Dr. Ben Livneh ([email protected]), including your CV and a brief cover letter explaining your interest in this position.





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