Post doc Experimental study of emerging contaminants and organic molecules from urban water runoff via EURAXESS

Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS)

Montpellier, , FR

The post-doc will have to develop new and innovated laboratory experiments (batch and column) in order to study the role of reactive barrier composition, microbial community and plants on the fate of emerging contaminants and organics molecules from urban water runoff. This post-doc will be part of an European project JPI-Water and based on Barcelona in North-East of Spain.

Development of batch and column experiments in order to understand and characterize retention processes of emerging contaminants and organics from urban water runoff

It is a European project JPI-Water with partners from CSIC Barcelona (Spain), Barcelona University (Spain) and Delft University (Netherlands). During the post-doc, the candidat will be localized in Montpellier between Pharmacy and Triolet sites in Montpellier University.

Eligibility criteria

Research with well knowledge on reactive transport processes (biotic and abiotic). Knowledge on designing and building experimental setups. Knowledge in hydronymical processes, geochemical reactions (sorption, oxido-redcution) and tracer tests. Knodledge in spanish will be apreciated. High english level and self-sufficiency
Doctor in hydrogeology / geochemistry.
Post-doc experience of 2 years minimum.

Additional comments

Post-doc experience of 2 years minimum.

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