Stormwater and/or Sustainability Expert (Ports and Water Quality)

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PureBlue seeks an individual with existing relationships with people at Ports that manage water quality, stormwater, or sustainability. 

The ideal applicant is a stormwater and/or sustainability expert with EXISTING RELATIONSHIPS and deep understanding of one or more Ports in their region or other regions. The successful consultant will facilitate warm introductions and calls with individuals at 1-10 Ports that manage water quality. We are conducting research to find Ports around the world that have excellent water quality management practices, and then we may showcase these Ports.

Duties and Deliverables:

  • Identify water quality, environment or sustainability manager you can engage at one or more ports (or the lead stormwater consultants for the given ports) that meet the environmental and sustainability criteria required.
  • Where agreed, introduce via email, and subsequently schedule and participate in an initial 30 minute phone call with the port/consultant staff.

Further engagement on detailed analysis and report writing may  in this project, following successful completion of the initial deliverables.


  • MUST HAVE: Existing relationship(s) with individuals responsible for managing water quality at ports in your region and/or in other regions.
  • Engineering or related Environmental Sciences Degree, or higher, in stormwater and/or sustainability management, or equivalent experience in Port management.
  • Regional specific and technical knowledge to fulfill the above listed deliverables
  • Strong verbal, relational, and written skills

Environmental and sustainability criteria for ports we are interested:

  • Large ports with revenue to support best practices, where there are stringent environmental criteria (focusing, but limited to North America, Europe, Australia).
  • Ports excelling in the identified stormwater and conservation areas of interest (see below).
  • Preferably ports and consultancies with staff with strong English verbal communication skills, and with existing documentation of achievements

Stormwater and conservation areas of interest – BMP and technologies sought

  • Stormwater capture, retention, and treatment technologies/methods/solutions.
  • Treatment of heavy metals, zinc and copper, petroleum, and other vehicle byproducts/pollutants.

Application process:
With the small set of deliverables at this initial stage, we do not want to be burdensome in the initial recruiting process. However, we are looking for individuals we can work with on this and further activities. Therefore, please send to [email protected] with subject line
“Port Outreach”:

  • Your current resume/CV showing your experience in the required areas
  • Accompanying email/document listing which Ports you have relationships and why you believe they meet the environmental criteria listed above.

Compensation: DOE

We will select someone who can:
A) Demonstrate they have warm relationships to ports and people who manage water quality for ports, and
B) Demonstrate they know which ports are water management and environmental leaders.

Ports we desire to connect with include:

Dubai, UAE. Tokyo, Japan. Sydney, Australia. Long Beach, USA. Igoumenitsa, Greece. Shanghai, China. HongKong, China. Antwerp, Belgium. Salalah, Oman. Hamburg, Germany. London, UK. St Petersburg, Russia.

Thank you,
Ryan Vogel
PureBlue / Aqualyst
Founder & Director

[email protected]




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