Ocean Data Manager

World Resources Institute (WRI)

The Hague or London, , XV

Job Summary 

WRI is seeking an Ocean Data Manager and innovator who is excited to turn ocean data into actions through powerful online tools. In this role, you will lead a team of data researchers in the scoping and development of an Ocean Watch based on our Resource Watch platform. The work is done in close collaboration with leading government organizations and NGOs in the ocean data space.   

You should be a leader in ocean decision making based on data and have broad knowledge of ocean issues. You should have a clear vision what ocean stakeholders need and envisions creative visualizations and online platforms that can support those users. Examples of topics can include among others coral reefs, SDG14 tracking, MPA management, nutrient pollution and harmful algae blooms, fisheries, plastics and many other. 

You will work closely with data and visualization experts that support you in creating UX designs, gather data, and final implementation of the tools with external vendors.  

You innovate, build partnership and have an infectious enthusiasm that helps to motivate our team and colleagues. You work well with others, know your strengths and can identify theirs.  

To help manage and implement WRI’s flagship ocean data platform, and you should have knowledge and abilities in: 

  1. Working with directly ocean decision makers and understand their needs 
  2. Turning general users needs by ocean decision makers into well-focused data platforms; 
  3. Managing a project independently, including staff, scoping, design, implementation, testing and delivery; and 
  4. Exhibiting interpersonal and consensus finding skills. 

A typical working week in this role can include: 

  1. Engaging with members of WRI’s Ocean Initiative and outside topical experts to refine understanding of the decision-making problems and data needed to solve the problem, as well as how far existing platforms go to addressing the need. Identify external partners for collaboration. 
  2. Working with data and visualizations experts and vendors   
  3. Brainstorming ideas with ocean experts and define steps to identify priorities 
  4. Documenting functional and data scope to discuss with partners; 
  5. Meeting with junior staff to guide them in their data research and analysis; 
  6. Developing wireframes for external review and discussing them with colleagues;  
  7. Creating funding pitches and talk with major funders; and 
  8. Reporting on progress to funders and partners. 

Additional details: 

You will work in a team of ocean topical specialist’s,  data analysts and managers as well as numerous external partners. You will lead WRI’s ocean data team. In depth experience in ocean related issues and decision making as well as strong desire to turn those experiences into online tools that are similar in complexity than WRI’s Resource Watch and Global Forest Watch platforms are required. This Ocean Watch platform will include new analysis and visualizations as well as linking to existing data and tools from WRI and other key research partners.  

Job Responsibilities 

Ocean innovation, idea development and scoping (50% of time required) 

  • Identify and refine key data needs by ocean decision makers to solve topical challenges 
  • Organize stakeholder interviews to assess demand and use cases of online tools 
  • Arrange regular meeting with partner organizations 
  • Establish new partnership with leading ocean data organizations and end-users 
  • Lead the preparation of scoping documents, working plans and wireframes, ensuring quality deliverables on time 
  • Assist in developing overall initiative strategy and prioritizing of research and project activities. 
  • Coordinate with WRI colleagues across programs and countries 
  • Support the project lead with fundraising and donor stewardship, and engage directly with foundation and government funders. 
  • Coordinate partnerships with external organizations that will help to develop the tools 
  • Delivering complex data, analysis and visualizations products; 

Project management (25% of time required) 

  • Work closely with the Resource Watch team of data and tool experts who will help to turn general ideas into use case, font-end designs, data analysis planning, user testing and delivery with some of the task being carried out by external vendors  
  • Guide junior level research assistants that will implement research on relevant data 
  • Plan the outreach for the online tools together with the central communications teams 
  • Monitor and manage project performance against budget, scope progress according to planned milestones, expenses and revenue, and internal and donor reporting 
  • Lead the presentation of new products at workshops and other internal and external events 

Research & Knowledge: (25% of time required) 

  • Guide and support junior staff to do high quality data research  
  • Guide the development of new data sets and analysis, based on user demand 
  • Coordinate with other organizations on research efforts and guide their staff for the creation of a common database 
  • Authoring or co-authoring knowledge and outreach products (e.g., reports, briefs, data products, blogs) 
  • Participate in internal and external peer review processes for publications and papers. 
  • Develop project proposals and concept notes 

Additionally, in keeping with WRI’s commitment to gender equity across our programs, the manager will contribute to the identification of relevant gender issues, as determined through a gender analysis, and ensure adequate and effective attention to these issues in project and partner development, budgeting and management. 

Job Qualifications 

  • Masters in related field in Marine Science, Oceanography, Environmental Science, Computer Science, Sustainability Science, International Relations, and Economics or related. 
  • Minimum 3 years of full-time work experience working on ocean issues with key ocean decision making processes 
  • Understanding of key issues in the ocean data space with a strong focus on decision making and how data can lead to better outcomes 
  • Ability to work with partners and assess the need of stakeholder groups 
  • Ability to connect research results to measurable external change 
  • Some project management experience 
  • Knowledge of key data concepts, like geographic or time series information 
  • Prior supervision and mentorship of one or more junior staff 
  • Exceptionally good communication and interpersonal skills 
  • Detail-oriented and organized thinker who can juggle multiple, competing priorities 
  • Flexibility, sense of humor, breadth of interests, and willingness to explore unfamiliar issues all are qualities that will be looked for during the hiring process.  

How to Apply 

Please include a cover letter and resume with your application. Applicants must apply through the WRI Careers portal to be considered. 





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