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Key Responsibilities:

To project officer role provides day to day oversight in the implementation and monitoring of Health, sanitation and hygiene activities in the Area Programme (AP) working closely with ministry of health, related stakeholders and AP team to deepen the engagement and interventions at both community and county/sub county levels.  This role will contribute to increasing access to health services, sanitation coverage and hygiene promotion in efforts towards achieving SDG 3; Good health and well-being and SDG 6: to ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all as well as contribute to World Vision’s child wellbeing outcomes

The Project officer must be able to effectively communicate World Vision’s Christian ethos and demonstrate a quality of spiritual life that serves as an example to others.

Project,Planning and Implementation 45%

Technical Support

  • Facilitate timely and quality implementation of health interventions and Sanitation and Hygiene project
  • Ensure that business processes, standards and guidelines related to health, Sanitation and Hygiene initiatives are effectively applied in project implementation.
  • Facilitate field visit for all respective line ministries to inspect progress of works and validate all the inspection reports (this includes quantified work done)
  • Facilitate communities to identify viable health and sanitation projects and ensure their participation in the implementation of the same
  • Ensure cross cutting themes are integrated into the health and S&H project
  • Conduct CLTS interventions and facilitation of declarations of ODF Villages
  • Participate in Child Sponsorship Management.
  • Develop timely and accurate funding proposals in line with donor requirements and WVK standards in collaboration with Cluster Manager, other sector specialists
  • Mobilize the community for community contribution for project interventions.
  • Participate/support in the planning, implementation, and monitoring of health activities in accordance with health deliverables.
  • Undertake community and stakeholder engagements to identify emerging community Health, Sanitation and Hygiene needs and priorities to inform plans and budgets
  • Participate in the development of work plans, budgets for the implementation of health activities at the AP level.
  • Take lead in the implementation of health interventions as per the workplan.
  • Represent WVK in county and sub-county Maternal New born, Child and Adolescent Health technical working groups (TWGs)
  • Engage with the Ministry of Health County and Sub County Health Management teams to ensure successful implementation of Health activities, including sharing of work plans.
  • Ensure effective integration of health interventions with other WVK Projects in the Area Program (AP).

Monitoring,Reporting and Documentation 35%

Quality Assurance

  • Supervise and Monitor health, Sanitation and Hygiene interventions in strict adherence to WV Kenya, Kenya government regulations, WHO and the SPHERE standards.
  • Development of Annual Operating/implementation plans, work Break Down Structure and budgets. (4D matrices, DIPs, Annual Budgets).
  • Facilitate health, S&H project surveys (Assessments & Baselines) and evaluations.
  • Develop quality monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual and end of projects reports in accordance with donors and WV Kenya requirements.
  • Document and disseminate best practices on health, Sanitation and Hygiene projects in the ADP.
  • Ensure budgetary utilization is within acceptable limits/range.
  • Ensures participatory monthly data collection are conducted (involving communities and partners) using the standardized tools
  • Contextualization and utilization of reporting guidelines
  • Support Community health teams (CHAs& CHVs) to collect and aggregate health related data at the AP level for uploading into Horizon
  • Support quarterly data review meetings and data quality audits for community health strategy.
  • Lead project learning, review and continuous adaptations
  • Ensure all key project documents are properly filed in approved WV sites (Box, share point, teams, Horizon etc)

Advocacy, Engagement, Partnerships and resource mobilization 15%

Advocacy, Engagement with strategic partners, Linkages and networks & partnership development

  • Work with MOH for technical direction and leveraging of resources to strengthen the health systems to achieve Health interventions targets.
  • Work with other partners in the Project implementation for synergy and achievement of bigger impact and sustainability.
  • Representation of WV Kenya in key S&H stakeholder forums/meetings at the Ward, Sub-County levels, TWGs forums
  • Facilitate community education on Laws, Policies and Standards on health S&H Service delivery
  • Provide support to community led processes of monitoring public service delivery and support establishment and functional CVA groups
  • Ensure communities are mobilized and participate in health S&H projects.
  • Participate/support the celebration of Child Health Action Days eg Malezi Bora, Immunization week, World Breastfeeding Week to increase WVK visibility at the Sub/county level
  • Support in organisation’s effort for resource mobilization.

Any other support 5%

Any Other

Support any other duty on needs basis


  • Minimum of 4 years’ experience with regard to designing, planning, implementation, supervising and reporting on health, sanitation and hygiene projects, both at community level and also at facilities such as schools and health facilities
  • Knowledge of behaviour change models such as Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS), Sanitation Marketing, Nurturing Care Groups and Design for Behaviour Change models.
  • Understanding of health programming at the community level Knowledge of Community health system in Kenya  
  • Wide experience in development work in sanitation and hygiene in the NGO sector
  • Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Public Health/Environmental Health, Nursing, Community health or any other relevant qualification from a recognized and accredited university.
  • Must be a results-oriented person who can handle a heavy work load as well as manage and satisfy multiple and at times conflicting organizational, donor and other stakeholder demands;
  • Excellent communication skills, used to speak in public and work dynamically with adults and children. Knowledge of community capacity building.
  • Expertise in partnership and collaborations with community, county governments and other S&H related institutions.
  • Excellent computer skills, including proficiency in MS Office and Microsoft Outlook
  • Strong negotiation skills.
  • Cross-cultural sensitivity, flexible worldview, and ability to work with a wide range of people from different backgrounds.
  • Emotional and spiritual maturity and ability to lead a team of professionals.
  • Knowledge of the Sustainable Development Goals and especially Goal No. 3 and 6 on health & Water and Sanitation
  • Knowledge of implementation of health, sanitation and hygiene interventions in disaster/emergency situations
  • Knowledge of and adherence to the Red Cross and NGO Code of Conduct.
  • Ability to exhibit exemplary lifestyle as interpreted in specific local cultural context

Applicant Types Accepted: Local Applicants Only





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