WASH/Shelter Program Manager

Solidarités International

Bucaramanga, , CO

Desired start date: August (may be posponed due to current counrty entry restrictions)

Duration of the mission: 11 months

Location: Colombia, Bucaramanga

The present position is open to national and international staff

Brief overview of Solidarités International’s work in the country:

Solidarités International is operational in Colombia since October 2019. The mission is currently working on reinforcing WASH conditions in the shelters (refugios) along the route between Cucuta and Bucaramanga. Venezuelans are walking along this route aiming at reaching one of Colombia’s major cities or a third country. They are very vulnerable at this stage and SI plans, together with PUI, to reinforce access to basic services along the route, particularly in the shelters managed by local organizations.

How the mission is organised:

The mission is currently limited in size and its footprint in only 4 “refugios”. The upcoming project will drastically increase the operational/financial and HR volume of the mission. The operations are managed from Bucaramanga and a small coordination structure will be created in Bogota.

The base should grow up around 35 national staffs and 3 international staff.

Specific context of the area in which the expatriate will be working:

The security context is stable in this part of Colombia. Besides usual criminal risks (existing in the country generally), the social context is tense with some of the local communities that feel pressured by arrival of Venezuelans and those who help them. This balance and necessary dialogue is a key to understand the context dynamics and adapt the response to Venezuelans needs but also to local communities’ perceptions and vulnerabilities. The context of living in Bucaramanga is good and leaves the expatriate with few restrictions. The program being multisectoral and implemented with several partners (PUI and local organizations), the coordination is key.

About the job 1/2

General objective of the position

The WASH/Shelter program manager is responsible for implementing and achieving the objectives defined in the operation proposals.

(S)he is responsible for overseeing operational teams assigned to the program.

(S)he guarantees the good performance and the quality of the WASH/Shelter program(s) implemented, and, where appropriate, proposes adjustments or developments to ensure relevance.

Diagnosis and project design

  • Participate in the preparation and implementation of assessments
  • Participate in the design and the financial dimension of the human and logistical programs to implement
  • Prepare the appendixes and technical chapters (of logical framework) of operation proposals
  • Implement activities in compliance with the annual operational strategy, Solidarités International technical requirements, and donor criteria

Implementation and operational monitoring

  • Plan and oversee the implementation of WASH/Shelter program that (s)he is responsible for, both on-time and within the set technical specifications
  • Plan the WASH/Shelter activities with the support Departments (administrative, logistics), according to objectives
  • Propose and develop indicators for monitoring WASH/Shelter program activities and context
  • Use management, activity, results, and context monitoring tools
  • Respect SI procedures
  • Provide support and advice to the logistics base for the purchase of materials/equipment specific to WASH/Shelter activities
  • Assess the relevance of activities, the effectiveness of interventions, and their appropriateness in light of changing circumstances and the needs of populations
  • Propose adjustments to programs if necessary
  • Ensure the achievement of results of the programs (s)he is responsible for
  • Anticipate the difficulties associated with conducting WASH/Shelter activities and help solve problems related to WASH/Shelter programs
  • Propose WASH/Shelter program changes according to the changing environment and indicators
  • In collaboration with the administrative service, contribute to the development of program budgets, budget follow up and proposal budgets for the program parts
  • Develop the state of needs and the Treasury requests with activity managers
  • Report the state of decentralized inventory to the logistics department (“field” inventory)


  • Write the capitalization documents in accordance with SI tools
  • Prepare handover reports before the end of his/her employment contract and forward them to concerned parties in the mission and at headquarters
  • Ensure diffusion of SI technical documentation

About the job 2/2


  • Participate in validating recruitment for the national technical WASH/Shelter staff
  • With the administrative department, define the prerequisites for the WASH/Shelter vacant positions and, if necessary, adapt the referent job profile.
  • Welcome and brief new employees or volunteers working under his/her responsibility
  • Implement training related to WASH/Shelter operational requirements and the identified training needs
  • Manage and support the team under his/her responsibility
  • Conduct workshops and regular or ad hoc meetings
  • Evaluate the performances of his/her team members
  • Identify potential changes in members of his/her team(s) and provide feedback to the Support Coordinator
  • Make sure his/her team(s) follow the safety rules

Reporting / communications / representation

  • Share with the appropriate authority any information on the security context and any event which may have consequences on SI activities and team safety
  • Write reports and annexes concerning WASH/Shelter activities for donor reports and/or amendment
  • Ensure compliance with reporting deadlines and guidelines
  • Maintain a local operational communication network and positive relations with the local/governmental authorities, donor representatives, UN and other international agencies in cooperation with the Field Coordinator and Program Coordinator
  • Assure Solidarités International’s representation in the meetings or forums concerning WASH/Shelter activities in Bucaramanga
  • Represent SI on request and/or delegation
  • Respond to the requirements of Headquarters concerning specific needs
  • Write the administrative documents to be signed (MOU, handover…) jointly with governmental authorities, communities or partners

Specific requirements

  • Position based in Bucaramanga but field trips (at least 2-3 days a week) in Pamplona and the refuges located nearby
  • Dynamic and changing context, especially considering the covid19 outbreak: the project as it has been designed is subject to change, a tight context follow-up has to be performed alongside the other PM (in charge of the Basic Services) and the Field Coordinator

Priorities of the first 2 to 3 months

  • Recruitment and induction of the program field team OFDA
  • In-depth technical assessment at refuge level and possibly in new settings (refuges in Bucaramanga, informal settlements and host communities in Pamplona)
  • Context follow-up in the midst of the covid19 pandemic: project and activities to amend depending on the context changes
  • Setting up the team internally, technical and methodological training

Your profile

Education: Bachelor’s degree or higher in civil engineering, water network management, or similar field is desirable, though it can be balanced by proven field experience and expertise in project management. An educational background in project management/humanitarian studies is an asset.


  • Minimum 2 years with INGO specialized in Humanitarian assistance;
  • Previous experience in program management of a WASH project, ideally with a Shelter component;
  • Experience in conflict/post-conflict contexts, preferably with experience in supporting emergency response;
  • At least one Previous experience with SI;

Technical skills and knowledge:

  • Strong project management experience and skills:
    • Multi sectorial assessment;
    • Indicators and activities monitoring
    • Team management, remote management in an asset
    • Budget management;
  • Knowledge of OFDA as a donor;
  • Very strong organizational skills are necessary;
  • Background (educational or professional) in Civil Engineering/Construction is an asset
  • Command in CAD (AutoCAD) is an asset
  • Perfect command of Pack Office

Languages: Spanish and English are mandatory, French is an asset.

Other desirable qualities:  leadership and management / planning and prioritization / flexibility / capacity to work under stress / solution making oriented

Application process

Does this description fit you? Please send us your CV and Cover letter in English. CV only applications will not be considered. 

NB:  The vacancy may close before the deadline. Thank you for your comprehension 

For further information about Solidarités International, please consult our website:  http://www.solidarites.org/en/





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