Legal and Policy Framework Specialist

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

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Objective and Purpose of the Assignment
The TA will support the development of the CAREC water pillar. It will have an emphasis on economic 
aspects and sustainable financing of water resources management. The TA will have the following outcome: 
scope of the CAREC water pillar framework developed. The scoping study will focus on the five Central 
Asian republics which largely share the water resources in the Amu Darya and Syr Darya river basins. The 
main output will be a final report including a scoping study and the proposed roadmap for the water 
pillar and all background information as described in the TA Outputs and Activities.

Scope of Work
The specialist will contribute to the scoping study which will be compiled by the team leader in the 
final report in coordination with the consultant team.

Outputs and Activities

Output 1: Future demand for water resources in the Central Asia region up to 2050 estimated. This 
quantitative and qualitative assessment will be undertaken using secondary data and will define (i) the 
regions’ water resources status, predicted future demands (considering population growth, competing 
demands across water users, economic value of water, etc.); and (ii) the likely impacts of climate 
change (based on climate change projections) on various water users within individual countries and 
more, broadly across the region. If available, remote sensing studies will be reviewed and integrated. A 
regional stakeholder workshop will be conducted to present findings and supplement information.

Output 2: Water resources development opportunities identified. Stakeholder consultations, outline 
development partner mapping (to determine the extent of on-going initiatives), and desk-based literature 
review will identify the challenges and opportunities for the potential development of water resources 
in Central Asia region. This will include national and regional differences and associated specific 
actions. The output will identify specific opportunities which can also be scaled up to basin wide 
interventions or the broader CAREC region.

Output 3: Policy and institutional strengthening framework prepared. The framework, which will be based 
on secondary data sources, will identify: (i) relevant national and regional policies, institutional and 
legal aspects to strengthen water resources management across the CAREC region; and (ii) national and 
regional capacity development requirements (including an understanding of programs already in progress). 
Recommendations for the policy and institutional strengthening will include an emphasis on economic 
aspects and sustainable financing of water resources management.

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output
The specialist will be fluent in spoken and written Russian and English. S/he will undertake the 

i. Review national and regional (if applicable) legal and policy frameworks pertaining to water 
resources management and relevant water users;
ii. Identify gaps in national and (any relevant regional) policy and legal frameworks and how these may 
be addressed;
iii. Provide a prioritized approach to policy and legal framework updating – identifying those aspects 
which require urgent action, and short, medium- and long-term actions;
iv. Contribute to the development of the road map providing inputs in the context of policy and legal 
aspects. These should be indicated in policy, institutional and capacity development aspects; and
v. Prepare a report informing of the above details.

Minimum Qualification Requirements
The specialist will have a graduate, or preferably, master’s degree in law or relevant subject regarding 
water resources and an undergraduate degree in law or related subject, and will have at least 10 years 
of  experience in legal and policy matters, particularly relating to water resources in the region. 





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