Lebanon nationals: Consultant (Wastewater Reuse in MENA Region)

International Water Management Institute (IWMI)

Beirut, , LB


International Water Management Institute (IWMI) seeks applications from suitable candidates to undertake a short-term assignment under IWMI’s project “Wastewater Reuse in the MENA Region: Addressing the Challenges”.

Project Background

IWMI leads and contributes to a number of projects in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

IWMI launched the ReWater MENA project in October 2018. This is a four-year, multi-partner project funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) that aims to better equip key stakeholders in the MENA region for the implementation of safe and sustainable water reuse models. The project contributes to reducing water scarcity, increasing resilience to climate change, and mitigating the impacts of human displacement on health and livelihoods. It addresses the challenges that currently limit opportunities to up-scale and accelerate the expansion of wastewater reuse across the region. The project will create and support regional and national learning alliances in three countries (Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon). Drawing on experience from existing water reuse strategies in the region, the project will identify promising innovations and validated reuse models to resolve past management bottlenecks that constrain water reuse.

Objective of the Assignment

The consultant will mainly support the ReWater MENA project in Lebanon in the development of engineering plans and socio-economic feasibility studies that will guide Lebanese stakeholders to select and co-design two technically, economically and socially feasible wastewater reuse systems in the Bekaa region of Lebanon (respectively for the reuse of reclaimed water discharged from Ablah and Zahle Waste Water Treatment Plans). The consultant will build on the two Local Baseline Assessments already produced by the project for these two sites and collect missing information to produce different technical scenarios for the design of these two wastewater reuse systems, with their associated capital costs (CAPEX), operation and maintenance costs (OPEX) and cost-benefits analysis. The consultant will present and discuss the two studies’ main results to inform the participatory local workshops organized by the project, where the different stakeholders (governmental institutions, operators of WWTPs, farmers and community representatives) will select the most appropriate conceptual design, technologies and practices for wastewater reuse in agriculture.

The consultant will work very closely with the ReWater MENA project coordinator in Lebanon and the Participation consultants (LISODE, based in France) and will be reporting to the ReWater MENA Project Manager in Cairo.

Scope of Work

  • Fill data gaps in the two project sites
  • Produce a set of preliminary technical designs in each site
  • Produce preliminary socioeconomic and financial analyses for each of the proposed options
  • Produce two final detailed design of wastewater reuse systems with their respective socioeconomic and financial analyses
  • Present and discuss results within the stakeholders’ participatory meetings organized by the project
  • Meet on regular basis with IWMI project team

For a detailed terms of reference view:

Technical Consultant ToR


  1. A report summarizing the methodology to be followed to respond to the study’s objectives, annotated outline of the two pilot studies, the list of missing data to be collected
  2. A report showing the preliminary conceptual technical designs for the two wastewater treatment plants along with the socioeconomic and financial studies as requested in the TOR. The report must summarize the activities which took place during the quarter and which include data collection, interviewed stakeholders and the methodology applied to conduct the technical designs.
  3. Presentation of the conceptual designs at the Role Playing Game Sessions organized by the project and incorporation of stakeholders’ feedback into the study.
  4. Draft detailed conceptual designs for the options selected in the local workshops including the associated cost-benefit and financial analysis
  5. Final conceptual design report incorporating all comments and presented at the National Learning Alliance.

Your application must include a copy of your curriculum vitae, including details previous experience, together with a cover letter and contact information of three professional referees who may be contacted, if you are shortlisted.

This is a nationally recruited position and only citizens of Lebanon are eligible to apply.

Please note that only short-listed candidates will be contacted.






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