Research Hydrologist via AGU

U.S. Agricultural Research Service

Beltsville, MD, US

The USDA, Agricultural Research Service, Hydrology & Remote Sensing Laboratory in Beltsville, Maryland, is seeking a POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATE, (Research Hydrologist) for a TWO YEAR APPOINTMENT.  Ph.D. is required. Salary is commensurate with experience ($72,030 – $86,335 per annum) plus benefits.  Citizenship restrictions apply.  The incumbent will develop research plans for water quality studies involving complex groundwater and surface water interactions in varied landscapes; select and modify appropriate hydrologic and water quality models for simulating transport of chemical constituents; carry out quality control exercises of field data sets collected in water quality investigations, especially those associated with trace organic and inorganic contaminants; and write scientific reports and peer-reviewed manuscripts documenting results, analysis, and interpretation of hydrologic and water quality data.  Send application materials and references to Dr. Gregory McCarty, USDA/ARS Bldg. 007, Room 127, Beltsville, MD 20705 or e-mail ([email protected]).