Water Supply Technical Adviser

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

, , TL

Objective and Purpose of the Assignment
The purpose of the assignment is to provide technical support advisory to SPMU and DGAS in managing 
ongoing Water Supply project.

Scope of Work
To work with the stakeholders to ensure the projects are implemented and done one the agreed schedule, 
budget and procedures.

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output
(i)	Provide high quality technical advisory support to the Water WATSAN SPMU Manager (or person 
delegated), and executing and implementing agencies to ensure efficient and effective delivery of all 
aspects of water projects, including ADB-financed project, managed by the WATSAN Sub-PMU (SPMU).
(ii)	Provide technical support DGAS and administration and enforcement of all project contracts managed 
by the WATSAN SPMU, including the contracts of: (i) consultants responsible for the supervision of civil 
works; (b) NGOs undertaking the hygiene awareness behavior change activities; (c) any other service 
contracts entered into during the course of the projects.
(iii)	Provide support to the Water Project Coordinator to ensure compliance with agreed upon project 
costs and implementation schedules, as well as guidelines governing environmental management, 
socioeconomic impact, gender equity and stakeholder participation, provide guidance and technical 
direction to consultants responsible for the supervision of civil works.
(iv)	Strengthen the existing project performance and monitoring system to review the progress of inputs, 
and the achievement of outputs using indicators included in the project design and monitoring framework.
(v)	Ensure that physical and socioeconomic surveys and studies needed to assess the impact and outcome 
of the project are undertaken.
(vi)	Prepare annual project performance monitoring and evaluation reports, with inputs from other 
project consultants, for endorsement from the Water Project Coordinator, prior to submission to the 
WATSAN SPMU Manager (or person delegated), DGAS/DNSA, ADB, the Project Steering Committee, and any other 
entities that can be further determined.
(vii)	Provide support to the Water Project Coordinator in monitoring the progress of projects 
implementation, and the performance of the staff allocated to the water projects.
(viii)	Prepare all documentation required by ADB, particularly quarterly project progress reports, and 
the project completion report, which should include as well all aspects of ADB-financed water supply 
(ix)	In support of on-the-job training, maximize the opportunities for capacity development and the 
transfer of knowledge and skills by setting up in-house training programs for DNSA staff as well as 
other key stakeholders including local officials and representatives from project communities.
(x)	Provide support to DGAS to ensure the preparations of the Detailed Engineering Design (DED) for four 
(4) Capital Municipalities and the master plans for the remaining six (6) municipalities are done on the 
agreed schedules, within budget, and in accordance with Government and Asian Development Bank (ADB) 
policies and procedures.
(xi)	Assist the PMU in ensuring the incorporation of relevant mitigation measures in the DED and master 
plans, coordinated public consultations and disclosure and information dissemination
(xii)	Resolve any technical issues with the PMU and contractors
(xiii)	Contribute to the final design report and other reports including master plans as required by the 
(xiv)	Assist in any other related works as deemed necessary by the DGAS and PMU





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