Environmental Sustainability Advisor


Pico Rivera, CA, US

Job Title
Environmental Sustainability Advisor
Job Description
Primary Purpose
The position is responsible for supporting the ongoing development, growth and expansion of the SoCalGas Sustainability program. The position will collaborate with various departments to integrate sustainability best practices into daily operations and lead and develop SoCalGas environmental sustainability initiatives into a best in class program, ensuring that all Company objectives for the program are fulfilled. Support the Chief Environmental Officer and the Executive Sustainability Council to ensure that corporate strategies include appropriate sustainability objectives. Lead the annual collection, analysis and reporting of information contributing to sustainability metrics in support of Corporate Responsibility reporting, as well as other mandatory and/or voluntary internal and external uses. The position is an active advocate for the Company and its many programs (e.g., energy efficiency, transportation electrification, green buildings, waste recycling, water conservation, etc.) that directly or indirectly promote sustainability practices.

Duties and Responsibilities
  • 20% – Identify and partner with any/all internal business units (and personnel) that contribute information towards sustainability metrics, and direct the quarterly and annual collection, organization, analysis and reporting of environmental sustainability data for the Company. Directly support annual Corporate Responsibility reporting, the SCG sustainability scorecard, benchmarking with selected non-profit entities, and any other management-approved internal or external purposes. Ensure the accuracy and validity of all the data collected for this program.
  • 20% – Be the Company subject matter expert in the field of environmental sustainability, promote environmental management awareness throughout the Company, and inform employees, customers and other stakeholders about the merits of protecting our natural environment and human and ecological health while utilizing technologies that reduce or minimize carbon emissions and other sources of pollution. Support the Chief Environmental Officer and the Executive Sustainability Council and help ensure that corporate strategies include appropriate sustainability objectives. Be an advocate for all internal and third-party programs administered by the Company that contribute towards Corporate, Company and Government sustainability goals. Develop and maintain a professional network that supports this role and contributes to information sharing and collaboration.
  • 15% – Support Community Relations, Marketing, Media and Communications, Regional Public Affairs, Human Resources, Safety, Customer Services, and other business units as necessary to position the Company as a sustainability leader and long-term partner to non-government organizations (NGOs), municipal governments, federal, state and local agencies, public corporations and private companies. Work collaboratively to ensure sustainability messaging is high-quality, consistent, and effective. Identify and attend key conferences or external events that will help position the company as a sustainability leader. Lead development and scheduling of any internal events.
  • 15% – Lead the Department’s regulatory agency and stakeholder outreach program. Work with the Director and Managers to ensure that functional relationships are maintained with all regulatory agencies and other stakeholders associated with environmental compliance functions of the Department, and that annual goals for the program are achieved. Work with department project managers, subject matter experts (SMEs) and team leads to identify gaps, project-specific and/or focused outreach needs.
  • 15% – Support the chairperson in leadership of the SoCalGas Sustainability Council. Develop annual scope and strategies to ensure maximum participation levels from all business units, develop and present meeting content, identify and schedule outside speakers and information contributors, lead selection, planning and execution of key annual events, and provide overall guidance to the team to ensure that Company objectives are achieved.
  • 10% – Ensure that all Company compliance efforts with Global Warning Solutions Act (AB32) and Clean Energy and Pollution Reduction Act — (SB350) are appropriately tracked and reported through the program. Identify new legislation, policies and/or agency (e.g., CPUC, CEC, CARB, etc.) mandates and associated SoCalGas programs (e.g., CPUC filings, etc.) that are responsible for compliance, and ensure that responsible personnel are identified, and compliance outcomes and metrics are included in the sustainability program.
  • 5% – Performs other duties as assigned (no more than 5% of duties).
Full Time/ Part Time

  • Bachelor’s Degree Environmental sciences, sustainability, physical or life sciences, communications, related field or equivalent training and experience. Required
  • 2+ Experience working directly with environmental regulatory agencies in California. Experience administering compliance projects or programs. Experience leading change through collaborative strategies, developing effective engagement communications Required
  • 2+ Familiarity with environmental disciplines and applicable regulations, including land planning, air quality, water quality, biological resources, cultural resources, and/or hazardous materials and waste. Preferred
  • 1+ Experience with environmental sustainability concepts, data, and programs related to the utility industry. Preferred
Skills and Abilities
  • Requires strong leadership skills, including the ability to motivate and persuade others. Intermediate
  • Requires general knowledge of federal, state and local environmental laws and regulations. Intermediate
  • Requires strong organizational abilities, accuracy and the ability to oversee multiple and complex issues. Intermediate
  • Requires strong interpersonal skills, and the ability to successfully facilitate change within a workplace across large or diverse groups. Intermediate
  • Requires excellent oral and written communication skills, including public speaking and presentations. Advanced
Licenses and Certifications
  • Sustainability Professional Certification (Associate or Professional) through the International Society of Sustainability Professionals, or comparable certification program. Preferred
Other Qualifications
  • Interest in and commitment to partner with non-profit and charitable organizations that advance regional sustainability initiatives in the SoCalGas Service Territory.
Posting End Date
May 29, 2020




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