WASH Knowledge Management Contractor via DevNetJobsIndia

United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)

Hyderabad, , IN

DUTY STATION: Hyderabad, Telangana State
CLOSING DATE: 17:00 hours; 26th May, 2020, (IST) at [email protected]unicef.org
Meeting the global commitment to fulfilling every child’s right to water, sanitation and hygiene is an ongoing challenge at policy, administrative and community levels. Government of India has initiated several programs such as Swachh Bharat Mission, Swachh Bharat Swachh Vidyalaya and Kayakalp besides other routine state level development programs to realise these rights of children. The progress by states is very encouraging. As per NSSO 2016, 82.9% schools in Andhra Pradesh, 63.1% schools in Karnataka and 75% schools in Telangana state are covered with toilets. Similarly, 72.8% schools in Andhra Pradesh, 56.8% in Karnataka and 73.3% schools in Telangana states are covered with drinking water facilities. However, the coverage of toilets in anganwadis in all three states is very poor (AP=24.7%, Karnataka=56.2% and TS: 24.7%). And coverage of anganwadis with water is around 30 to 38% in all three states. Similarly, all three states Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Telangana states have self-declared achieving ODF status in the year 2019.
The unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak has huge impact on communities especially on unorganised sector and government exchequer in three states. Every state had released several advisories to prevent and contain the spread of COVID-19 and to take the necessary measures to improve economic conditions at macro and micro levels. Several interventions have been undertaken by respective governments, UNICEF partners and development agencies on COVID preparedness and response.
Several districts from three states (AP, Karnataka and Telangana) have established several best practices, innovations, successful case studies, model villages/GPs, model institutions, etc. on Rural WASH sector including COVID response interventions. Many of these interventions are worth of scaling up contributing to sustenance of COVID resilience WASH outcomes. Further these knowledge products will provide evidence based information for influencing policy environment and governance. However due to limited knowledge, skills and low priority of WASH practitioners, these interventions were not captured and disseminated widely. Other knowledge Products (reports, videos, infographics, fliers, etc.) developed by partners and others need editing in order to make them relevant and effective to COVID sensitive WASH sector. Similarly there are some gaps with regarding documentation and dissemination of various WASH workshops/seminars/trainings’s learnings and processes conducted/supported by UNICEF.
There is an urgent need to produce various knowledge products and advocacy briefs and, disseminate at appropriate level to provide evidence-based information to governments and sector agencies to strengthen COVID sensitive WASH sector in terms of improved enabling environment, pro-environment and pro community policies and guidelines to sustain COVID resilience WASH outcomes.
The purpose of this assignment is to support WASH staff on higher end advocacy with all three states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Telangana for achievement of WASH SDG 6 particularly COVID resilience WASH outcomes through production and sharing of key knowledge products and building the capacities of governments and other partners on production of knowledge products.
  • Document success stories, good practices and learnings of COVID sensitive WASH projects across three states.
  • Take technical lead on documentation and dissemination of key project results,
  • Prepare detail reports of key events (workshops and meetings) on WASH
  • Build the capacities of partners on production of effective Knowledge Products
  • Identify, qualify, edit and post relevant COVID sensitive WASH updates in different local, national and global knowledge product portals on every month
  • Compilation and consolidation of large mass based campaigns undertaken by UNICEF supported states and districts.
  • Provide organizational support to UNICEF supported projects related water, sanitation and hygiene for effective implementation of 10 yrs sanitation strategy and JJM ensuring mainstreaming of COVID sensitive intervention and timely liquidation of the funds
  • Undertake/ facilitate studies and assessments as necessary in pursuance of COVID sensitive WASH programmatic requirements

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