Learning Assistant

Global Water Partnership (GWP)

Stockholm, , SE

JOB TITLE:        Learning Assistant

REPORTS TO:  Chief Operating Officer

TEAM:               Network Operations, StRONG Team (Strengthening Regional Operations & Network Growth)

SALARY:            E1 Assistant

LOCATION:      Stockholm (with possible relocation to Bratislava later)

START DATE:   August 1, 2020 (2-year contract)


The Global Water Partnership (GWP) is a multi-stakeholder action network and intergovernmental organisation dedicated to working with countries towards the equitable, sustainable, and efficient management of water resources. We comprise 3,000+ partner organisations in over 180 countries. Our network of 65+ Country Water Partnerships and 13 Regional Water Partnerships convenes, and brokers coordinated action by government and non-government actors. A long-time advocate for integrated water resources management, we draw on implementation experience at the local level and link it across our Network and to global development. Our global secretariat is located in Stockholm, Sweden. More information: www.gwp.org.

The Global Water Partnership is embarking on its new Strategy “Mobilizing for a Water Secure World 2020-2025” and in this context, has developed a new Business Plan 2020-2022 and a new Work Plan for 2020.  The Workplan for the Secretariat includes a dedicated program for Strengthening Regional Operations and Network Growth (StRONG) within which a number of activities are grouped, that focus on instigating and creating learning experiences for those engaged in implementing water resources management improvements and reforms.  This work includes, amongst other things, revitalizing the GWP ToolBox through an improved and interactive web-platform arrangement and by introducing new formats for mobilizing insights in the implementation experiences of government agencies, civil society organizations and private sector parties as they have worked to improve water resources management and governance set-ups, tools and practices.  


In April 2020, GWP and partners launched The Global Water ChangeMaker Awards to find – and make visible – teams and organizations who have shaped decisions about water that have helped building climate resilience. The journeys towards such decisions will have involved changing mindsets from inertia to action, speaking truth to power, finding new ways of working, and building new coalitions. They will have involved changing laws or policies, initiating specific actions, mobilizing and inspiring others to collaborate, and much more.  The Awards look to collect these journeys, through the submissions towards the Awards, in order to create the opportunity for everyone to learn. The Changemaker Awards do not look for “the best water management solution” or for “the best water manager” – they look to identify teams, projects and initiatives that learned – from others, from experience, from study; those who turned adversity in opportunity; those who mobilized others in broader learning processes; and those who turned insight into practical solutions.

Key contributions to the ChangeMaker Awards will be leveraged in various ways – in particular in contributing new materials and insights to the GWP “ToolBox”. The ToolBox, built by GWP over the past 15 years, is the world’s first free online repository of information about Integrated Water Resources Management, originally set up with the purpose to provide assistance in overcoming what were recognized at the time as knowledge gaps on how to address obstacles to good water governance. While useful in particular for academics and as a source of reference, the ToolBox content has not evolved as much over time as would be needed to be not only fully updated but also to dynamically engage GWP partners and other stakeholders for learning and improvements.   A process of re-designing the ToolBox, in terms of the web-based functionalities, will be launched in parallel with the updates on content and engagement approach.

The ToolBox “revitalization” will include redesigning the content, design, knowledge, and web functions to enable the platform to become more social, dynamic, timely and applicable to the needs of multiple stakeholders.

The role of the Learning Assistant will be to support the teams working on the ChangeMaker Awards and the ToolBox revitalization in (a) the orchestration of the Water ChangeMaker Awards that is to become an important instrument for identifying and sharing implementation experiences that are to “enter” the ToolBox going forward; (b) keeping the ToolBox updated, by taking on much of the day-to-day work in reviewing content and comments, maintain functionalities and keep users engaged, ideally linking, as appropriate, to the Community of Practice work;); (c) the development of initiatives for mobilizing learning alliances in water resources management so as to support strengthening regional operations and network growth; (d) support to the development of selected Communities of Practice throughout the GWP network; (e) support building a culture of learning and strategic support to the network in developing various implementation initiatives in support of the learning agenda more broadly; and f) support GWPO staff in launching events related to learning including the GWP Network Meeting, the GWP Regional days, etc.


Specific duties and tasks include, but are not limited to supporting the Sr. Learning Specialist and the Sr. Water Resources Management Specialist in the following areas:

Water ChangeMaker Awards and ToolBox Revitalization

  • Communicate with and support the GWP communications network to actively contribute to the Awards and the new ToolBox engagement model throughout the program;
  • Support a larger team in delivering the ChangeMaker Awards and a revitalized Toolbox, end-to-end, from design through communication, mobilization of new entry-processes, contracting of vendors for the IT platform, setting up of relevant governance and screening mechanisms, and mobilization of ongoing engagement with the ToolBox;
  • Handle administrative processes and tasks that relate to building and re-designing the ToolBox, as well as the process of designing and implementing the different steps of the ChangeMaker Awards;
  • Handle day-to-day operation and running of the new ToolBox microsite after its launch;
  • Communicate and cooperate with relevant water and non-water organizations – interested in learning and capacity building on water governance and management – in delivering the ChangeMaker Awards’ efforts and the re-designed ToolBox.
  • Connect and coordinate with global and regional communications officers to support uptake of Toolbox content, competition related activities, and other learning initiatives as necessary 

Building a Culture of Learning, incl. Learning Alliances and Communities of Practice:

  • Support planning and developing collaborative tools, technologies and techniques such as communities of practice to facilitate sharing of ideas and knowledge among internal teams and external partners.
  • Support the Senior Learning Specialist in creating an awareness of the learning culture of the organization that is needed to promote the new image of GWP being a learning organization, and guide and support GWP teams in embracing it and moving from data collection to knowledge sharing.
  • Provide logistical and related support to the Community of Practice efforts.
  • Assist the project team in monitoring of the procurement of equipment needed for trainings and capacity building activities.
  • Help capture learning after significant projects within the organization.
  • Work together with the global and regional Communications Teams to ensure the knowledge generated within the organization is made easily visible, available and useful to seekers.
  • Support, as appropriate, activities towards building structured learning engagements with the Youth community.
  • Support the team to develop a structured approach for a continuous and efficient collaboration wtih universities and research institutes, incl. facilitating collaboration among them.

In delivering on his/her work program, the Learning Assistant will support the activities of various staff engaged in the three main and related activities – the Water ChangeMaker Awards, the ToolBox Revitalization and the building of Communities of Practice.  S/he will also work with the thematic leaders in GWPO, UNDP Cap-Net and the Regional Water Partnerships. S/he will support any other activities on the implementation of the GWP learning agenda as described in the Strategy and Business Plan.


  • Relevant university degree(s) e.g. in communications, water resources management, environmental sciences and/or social and political sciences.
  • At least 1 year of experience in project management of development cooperation programmes, specific experience in building knowledge platforms for communication information to wide audiences on water resources challenges is preferable. 
  • Knowledgeable on the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda of the United Nations and on the concept of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM); knowledge of GWP operations is an advantage. 
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills. Fluency in English is a requirement, other languages, particularly French and Spanish, are an advantage.  
  • Ability to coordinate and manage multiple tasks with excellent project management skills. 
  • Pro-active, solutions- and service-oriented work style, with excellent interpersonal skills, able to work effectively and harmoniously at all levels. 
  • Experience in a multicultural environment. 
  • Computer skills, including internet navigation, experience with the Microsoft Suite of programs, and an ability to acquire web editing skills, use of spreadsheets. 
  • A good eye for visuals and basic design fundamentals related to online platforms (e.g. websites, mobile applications) as well as social media and online/virtual interaction platforms. 


  • Professionalism: Demonstrating/safeguarding ethics and integrity. Demonstrates corporate knowledge, self-development and initiative-taking. Ability to work in a multi-cultural and international environment based on mutual respect and tolerance.  Ability to exercise good judgement, discretion and tact in handling sensitive issues.    
  • Planning and Organising:  Excellent organizational and task management skills, with appropriate attention to details and ability to prioritize work among multiple competing demands, and under tight deadlines.  Ability to manage multiple workflows at the same time. Ability to thrive in a fast-paced work environment where adaptability is essential.   
  • E-literacy: Excellent e-skills, including the ability to use modern office technology and related software. Practical knowledge of word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software is required. Ability to do internet research, compile information and find solutions online to information gaps is essential.   
  • Teamwork:   Support colleagues, contribute to team culture, and share responsibility for decision-making and results. Places team agenda before personal agenda. Supports and acts in accordance with final group decision; shares credit for team accomplishments and accepts joint responsibility.   Ability to “lead from behind” and work without direct authority to deliver timely and high-quality products.     
  • Personal: A good sense of humour.  Love for nature, its beauty and its resources.  Willingness to ‘get the job’ done with a positive attitude to take on a wide range of tasks.  

Please note:

  • Professionals with a background from and/or living and working in Asian, African, Eastern European, Latin American, or Middle Eastern countries are encouraged to apply
  • GWP offers competitive remuneration as well as an attractive work environment, with flat hierarchies and agile decision-making, and with great opportunities for professional exposure and growth.
  • This contract is offered for 2 years.
  • Only short-listed candidates will be contacted within 4-6 weeks after the application deadline.
  • Applications are accepted in English only and only through the online application system,  https://gwp.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=31 not via e-mail.
  • Maximum 2-page CV and 1-page cover letter a must. 

Questions can be directed to [email protected]

Deadline:  7 June 2020 – midnight Stockholm time