Sales and Marketing Director


Kampala, , UG

Dear friends and colleagues,

SPOUTS of Water is a rapidly growing, early-revenue-stage social enterprise that manufactures and distributes ceramic water filters in Uganda and in East Africa with a team of 40 employees. Please visit our website for more company information (

We have two top management positions – Operations Director (OD) and Sales & Marketing Director (SMD) – opening up mid 2017 and are looking for passionate and talented individuals to join and lead our growing team. Below is shorted versions of job descriptions for OD and SMD. If you are an interested candidate with appropriate experiences, please email [email protected] for the full JDs for the positions.

Position: Sales and Marketing Director (SMD)
Location: Kampala, Uganda
Ideal start date: As early as March 2017

SPOUTS is looking to hire a talented individual for the top management role in our sales and marketing department. The SMD will oversee sales and marketing for our organization as we expand our sales distribution network and market presence in Uganda and other East African countries, and create an effective sales and marketing strategy that revolves around creating a sustainable, impact-driven enterprise. The SMD will directly manage sales, marketing and social programs teams, and collaborate with Operations Department to further develop operational frameworks for sales and marketing.

Our ideal candidate will have experiences in sales and marketing, leading organizations and managing talent, and working in emerging countries. This role is for those who see a long-term presence in Uganda and are ready to commit to a minimum of 2 years with SPOUTS.

  • Commitment to 2 years with SPOUTS in Kampala, Uganda 
  • Background in developing and managing sales and marketing teams 
  • Experience in managing larger teams across functions 
  • Previous success in setting and reaching sales growth targets 
  • History of managing projects in developing countries