New Mexico Bureau of Geology

Socorro, NM, United States 🇺🇸

The New Mexico Bureau of Geology is looking for an experienced hydrogeologist to work with a dynamic team of geologists and hydrologists to develop 3D maps of aquifers.

JOB DUTIES: Work with and direct multiple hydrogeological researchers to compile data and reports, to create 3D reservoir maps and text. Hydrogeologist will help develop 3D maps and web material about the geologic framework of groundwater reservoirs. Compile multiple existing datasets (hydrologic, geologic, geophysical, and/or geochemical data) into cohesive, organized regional scale maps and geodatabases. Analyze hydrologic data using statistics, ArcGIS, hydrologic modeling and/or other quantitative tools. Write, edit and summarize findings and results of 3D map development. Write proposals, produce funding, and fulfill contract obligations.

REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS: Master’s Degree in Hydrology, Geology, or Earth Science equivalent. Knowledge of New Mexico Geology and Hydrogeology desired. Strong proficiency in hydrogeology, ArcGIS, and developing 3D map products required. Write reports and web material to clearly describe results for technical and non-technical audiences required. Ability to work well with multiple researchers and support staff on short timeline projects desired.