Technical Adviser (SWALIM)

United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

Mogadishu, , SO

Organizational Setting
The main aim of FAO Somalia is to assist government towards strengthened institutional capacity and decision support for Somalia’s agriculture, livestock and fisheries sectors and natural resource management. In addition, FAO Somalia aims to support government in developing resilient agriculture, livestock, fisheries and forestry sectors, leaving no one behind, malnourished or hungry.  
The sixth phase of the Somali Water and Land Information Management (SWALIM VI) programme (2018-2022) is aimed at achieving the following results: (1) strengthening capacity and ownership of government and associated project partners, through the provision of resources, training and education, and technical assistance for the development of durable institutions and their personnel; (2) maintaining and expanding water and land early warning and monitoring systems, in parallel with developing new baselines and producing new studies that underpin recovery and future development; (3) ensuring availability of relevant information to government and its institutions, as well as other key stakeholders including international development partners, civil society, the private sector, and academic research partners through Information Resources Units with dedicated information management tools, services, staff and procedures; and (4) ensuring uplift of SWALIM’s integrated knowledge to underpin programme and project feasibility and delivery throughout Somalia.
Reporting Lines
The Technical Adviser reports to the Head of Programme and will work in close coordination with other sectors and units within FAO Somalia.
Technical Focus
Capacity development and knowledge management for the development and sustainable management of water, land and rural natural resources.
Key Results
Comprehensive technical and policy expertise to support the planning, development and implementation of departmental/divisional programmes, projects, products and services in accordance with departmental/divisional objectives and FAO’s Strategic Objectives.
Key Functions
• Provides technical leadership assistance on the development, implementation and evaluation of assigned programmes/projects; assists in the review of relevant documents and reports; identifies priorities, liaises with relevant parties; identifies follow-up actions;
• Coordinates programme-related activities and reviews the assessments of issues and trends for the implementation of programmes and projects and the preparation of impact evaluation or equivalent studies;
• Supervises preparation of various written outputs, e.g. background papers, analysis, substantial sections of reports and studies, inputs to publications;
• Contributes to consultative and other meetings, conferences, including proposals for agenda topics, identifying participants, preparation of documents and presentations;
• Participates in activities such as structuring of training workshops, seminars; makes presentations on assigned topics/activities;
• Leads field missions, including provision of guidance to external consultants, government officials and other parties;
• Provides advice regarding the development of policies and strategies, as well as national protocols and guidelines for projects with specific domains related to FAO’s work.
Specific Functions
• Manages SWALIM projects in a manner that ensures their effective implementation in accordance with approved project document, work plans, budgets, activities and expected outputs;
• Coordinates of SWALIM project activities with other sectors within FAO Somalia as well as with government and external partners;
• Advises FAO Somalia Senior Program Management on the development of SWALIM related institutional capacity and gradual transfer of responsibilities to Somali institutions;
• Coordinates support to FAO Somalia and external partners through assessments, monitoring and mapping on land, water, natural resources and rural infrastructure Regularly meets with relevant representatives of Somali institutions to identify priorities and promote collaboration and partnership framework with respect to SWALIM activities;
• Supports FAO Somalia Senior Management’ resource mobilization efforts through participation in meetings with resource partners, preparation of project concept notes and budgets;
• Supports the uptake and use of SWALIM information and knowledge resources within FAO Somalia as well as among government and other partners;
• Cultivates close coordination and collaboration with Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit (FSNAU) project to strengthen synergies between SWALIM and FSNAU, including through sharing of data and expertise in support of both projects;
• Serves as FAO Somalia point of contact to coordinate the production of land and water information with external partners;
• Supports FAO Somalia and financing partners in the supervision and evaluation of investment projects/programmes in the natural resources management and environmental components of agricultural and/or rural development plans;
• Represents SWALIM during project review meetings and evaluations;
• Prepares and submits project documents, inception reports, project annual work plans, progress, operations and finance reports;
• Leads and coordinates the preparation of individual work plans for SWALIM staff, designs performance measures and ensures continuous performance feedback and timely finalization of performance appraisal in accordance with FAO rules and regulations;
Minimum Requirements
• Advanced university degree in natural resource management, agriculture economics, development economics, rural sociology, food security, nutrition, sustainable agriculture (including livestock, forestry and fisheries) or a related field;
• Seven years of relevant experience in technical cooperation’s related activities, policy advice and analysis relating to food and nutrition security, agriculture and rural development, monitoring and evaluation of policies and programmes;
• Working knowledge of English and limited knowledge of another FAO official language (Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian or Spanish).
• Results Focus
• Team Work
• Communication
• Building Effective Relationships
• Knowledge Sharing and Continuous Improvement
Technical/Functional Skills
• Work experience in more than one location or area of work, particularly in field positions is desirable;
• Extent and relevance  of experience in technical cooperation’s related activities, policy advice and analysis relating to food and nutrition security, agriculture and rural development, monitoring and evaluation of policies and programmes;
• Extent and relevance of experience in natural resources conservation and management programmes or projects;
• Extent and relevance of experience in programme/project formulation, analysis, planning and implementation;
• Extent and relevance of experience in planning and budgetary processes and associated tools;
• Relevance and extent of experience in managing technical assistance projects in the field of disaster risk preparedness and management projects and programmes at country level;
• Extent and relevance of experience in development of results frameworks, logical framework, project work plans and budget;
• Relevance and extent of experience in strategic and policy level discussions with government and partners; 
• Understanding of FAO policies and programmes is considered a strong asset.