Advisor (f/m) NEXUS Water Energy Food (WEF)

Field of activity

The Nexus approach highlights the interdependencies between water, energy and food security. It is based on an understanding of the synergies and negotiations of fair trade-offs between competing uses of water, land and energy-related resources. EU DEVCO and BMZ are jointly co-funding the Nexus Regional Dialogues. A Global Nexus Secretariat has been established at GIZ to support the dialogues and act as global hub for all activities. The GIZ programme “Support to the Niger Basin Authority (NBA) and the Water Policy Sector Programme initiated a partnership with the Niger Basin Authority to implement the Nexus Regional Dialogues. A set of activities will be implemented by GIZ and NBA including endorsed regional and national Nexus policy recommendations  and institutional WEF Nexus studies, customized capacity development activities and micro-scale implementation within pioneer countries.

Your tasks

  • Planning, implementing, reporting and monitoring all activities within the WEF regional Nexus dialogue  with NBA as the main counterpart
  • Continuous liaising with NBA and its specialized agencies
  • Supporting ABN operational and investment planning by making use of the Nexus perspective
  • Interacting with the GIZ Global Nexus Secretariat based in Germany and other regional dialogues
  • Networking, attending meetings with strategic regional partners and donor representatives in close coordination with the GIZ regional water programme     
  • Implementing a regional Nexus assessment with strategic partners
  • Developing and conducting Capacity building measures with ABN
  • Elaborating small scale WEF nexus application at country level together with ABN

Your profile

  • Master in a relevant sector (Water, Energy or Agriculture / Food, Environment, Spatial Planning)
  • Longstanding work experience in collaborating between economic and resource sectors at technical and policy level
  • Proven experience in managing complexity in cross sectoral development and creating consensus among different stakeholders
  • Result oriented person with capacity to follow-up, report and work independently with a strong team spirit, even at long-distance
  • Fluent in French and English, good command of German
  • Knowledge of the political challenges in the Niger region is an advantage

Assignment period

01.02.2017 – 31.12.2018

Conditions regarding location

Niamey is suited for families. International schools are on-site. Overall supply and service situation is fine, e. g. fresh local food, international flight connections and household amenities. Climate is hot -semi-arid. Danger of malaria exists during rainy season. Medical service is satisfactory. Several clinical centers are on-site. Travel restrictions and security requirements exist in some areas of Niger.

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