U.S. nationals: Hydrologist (Several vacancies)

U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)

Various, CA, US


General Information

  • Sacramento Salary:
  • GS-9: $57,659 (Step 01) to $74,958 (Step 10)
  • GS-11: $69,761 (Step 01) to $90,688 (Step 10)
  • San Diego Salary:
  • GS-9: $59,210 (Step 01) to $76,974 (Step 10)
  • GS-11: $71,638 (Step 01) to $93,128 (Step 10)
  • NOTE: First time hires to the Federal Government are typically hired at the Step 01.
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As a Hydrologist within the California Water Science Center, some of your specific duties will include:

  • Serve as project Chief or senior project member for complete hydrologic investigations by planning, conducting, and reporting on interpretive studies that typically requires modifications of established techniques or procedures and extensive collection, interpretation, analysis, and evaluation of hydrologic data.
  • Develops approaches, standards, methods, guides, and procedures for conducting the interpretive study and provides advice, interpretation, and training to modification of established standards, methods, and procedures to ensure adequate treatment and through consideration of anomalous study conditions or situations.
  • Coordinates immediate long-range study objectives, plans and the scheduling and establishment of priorities to ensure that they do not conflict with the overall water resources management program.
  • Develop project proposals to descriptions that summarize critical information relating to the objective, approach, funding, and expected results of proposed investigation and defends recommendations for initiation of new projects to higher level managers.

Physical Demands: The work requires frequent physical exertion while conducting field portion of project work and with inspection of ongoing operations, including walking over rough, uneven terrain; lifting and carrying equipment and supplies; and wading instreams in all types of weather.

Work Environment: The work involves some degree of risk when conducting on-the ground-assessments of operations as well as exposure to moderate discomfort from such extremes and heat, cold, and inclement weather.

*Above duties are for the GS-11 level. For the lower grade levels, incumbent will perform a wide range of tasks described in the above duties, but at a lower level of work designed to further develop and refine the knowledge and skills of the incumbent. Assignments will typically combine productive work with on-going training and instruction. Supervision received at the lower level will be closer with oversight and review being provided more frequently.




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