Consultant: Conduct a Study on Sustainable Agriculture Intensification (SAI)

International Water Management Institute (IWMI)

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The International Water Management Institute (IWMI), on behalf of the international Commission for Sustainable Agriculture Intensification (CoSAI) is seeking Expressions of Interest (EoI) from consortia of research organizations, thinktanks, universities, consultancy firms, or groups of individual consultants to conduct a study on “Estimating investment in innovation for Sustainable Agriculture Intensification (SAI)”. Applicants must include at least one substantive partner from the Global South.

The study aims to review the recent flows of global public and private investment in agricultural innovation relevant to the Global South, developing a typology of the investments made and estimating how much of this investment promotes SAI. Here, the term ‘innovation’ includes institutional, policy and financial innovation as well as science and technology. ‘SAI’ means the transformative changes in agriculture that are urgently required to meet rapidly-increasing global needs for affordable, nutritious, safe and healthy food, while protecting and improving the natural environment and reducing poverty and social exclusion.  

The study is expected to include several case studies which may be specific to countries, major international funders, or themes. The study will be presented to CoSAI Commissioners and other stakeholders as a basis for exploring opportunities for strengthening and reorienting investment in agricultural innovation to promote SAI.

For the detailed Terms of Reference, view:

CoSAI Call for EoI

Expected date for commencement of consulting services: Late June 2020. The inception phase is expected to be completed approximately 2 months after signing of the contract, and the entire study by approximately April 2021.

Place of assignment: The consultants will work from home. It is expected that the work will be mainly or entirely conducted online, due to the current CoVid-19 pandemic.

EOI must be submitted by 23:30 GMT on May 29, 2020 (Friday).

Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.



Consortia comprising any experienced think tank, research institution or consultancy firm, or a combination of individuals and/or consulting firms, whether for-profit or non-profit, or academic institution are eligible to apply for this consultancy. Applicants must include at least one substantive partner from the Global South. Experience of similar work (tracking financial flows and estimating funding for innovation for complex areas such as biodiversity or climate change) will be a distinct advantage, but any relevant experience will be considered. The consultancy team leader should have experience in managing teams to produce high-quality results on time and within budget, including managing country case studies with national partners; demonstrated clear, concise writing and presentation skills; and excellent verbal and written communication skills in English.

All applicants should provide a brief EoI (a maximum of 12 single-spaced pages) which includes the following information:

  • Postal address, legal registration and electronic contact information for the lead applicant in the consortium. Please provide the name of a contact person with title, phone number, Skype ID and e-mail address.
  • Names and contact information of other applicant(s) in the consortium and their respective role(s) (it is understood that additional partnerships may be developed during the inception phase of the work to carry out specific case studies).
  • Names of proposed team leader and other core team members, and confirmation of dates of availability.
  • Summary of experience of the team leader and other team members, supported by annexes 1 and 2.
  • Proposed scope of the study and justification for the proposals made (see section Scope), taking into consideration that this may be further refined during the inception phase.
  • The approach and methods recommended to accomplish the overall purpose and objectives of the study. This should include a brief discussion of potential case studies and criteria for selection. Proposals for specific case studies are welcome, but are not required at EOI stage. The selection of case studies will be finalized in the inception phase.
  • Brief plans for the inception phase, including engagement with CoSAI and any other stakeholders.
  • Budget and time required for the inception phase, including daily rates and anticipated numbers of days for named individual consultants, and any other anticipated operational or overhead costs. Assumptions made on tasks to completed and time requirements underlying the estimates should be spelled out.
  • An outline of total budget (under USD 200,000) related to the proposed scope and approach in (e) and (f) above, including the anticipated number of days for different levels of consultants and any other expected costs. Where possible, this should be ‘ground-truthed’ by reference to the actual cost of previous studies carried out by the applicant or others.
  • Conflict of interest statement. All applicants should disclose any contractual or financial relationships with CoSAI, WLE or IWMI.
  • Annex 1: Short curriculum vitae for the team leader and other proposed team members.
  • Annex 2: List of studies previously carried out by team members or the organization/firm that demonstrate relevant experience, including links or attachments.
  • Annex 3: List of publications cited in the EOI.