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Global Resilient Cities Network

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About the Global Resilient Cities Network (GRCN)

The Global Resilient Cities Network builds on over ten years of investment in resilience from The Rockefeller Foundation. GRCN is dedicated to helping cities around the world become more resilient to the physical, social and economic challenges that are a growing part of the 21st century. GRCN supports the adoption and incorporation of a view of resilience that includes not just the shocks—earthquakes, fires, floods, etc.—but also the stresses that weaken the fabric of a city on a day to day or cyclical basis.

In GRCN’s view these shocks and stresses are not only nor always related to disasters or climate change. Examples of these include high unemployment, an overtaxed or inefficient public transportation system, endemic violence or chronic food and water shortages. By addressing both the shocks and the stresses, a city becomes better able to respond to adverse events and is overall in a better position to deliver basic functions in both good times and bad, to all populations.

Present in over 40 countries around the world, GRCN member cities have created an innovative position in city government, the Chief Resilience Officer (CRO), to lead the city’s resilience efforts and they have adopted a City Resilience Strategy to guide their resilience efforts. Through these actions GRCN not only helps individual cities become more resilient but facilitates the building of a practice of urban resilience globally.


About the role

The Global Resilient Cities Network is looking for a Director of Operations with strong operational skills and the ability to support the operation of 5 regional offices (in Singapore, Europe, the US, Mexico and Africa) and shape and delivery of the organization objectives. The successful candidate could be based out of any of our global offices.



·        Collaborate with the CEO in setting and driving organizational vision, operational strategy, budgets, and hiring needs

·        Validate and implement the operational strategy prepared by the operations consultant (hired by GRCN) and the executive team.

·        Oversee company operations globally with support from regional directors, in particular legal and finance functions and enforcing compliance to local operating requirements,

·        Support in the translation of business strategy into actionable objectives and helping to implement organization-wide goals, performance management, and annual operating planning.

·        Ensure an inclusive and agile way-of-working where members thrive and organizational outcomes are met.

·        Ensure effective recruiting, onboarding, professional development, performance management, and retention.

·        Support regional directors and regional executives on operations.



·        Develop actionable operational strategies, plans and budgets that ensure alignment with short-term and long-term objectives developed in tandem with the CEO

·        Directly oversee global operations, including:

·        Set up and oversight of new human resources systems

·        Set up and oversight of new accounting and finance tracking systems, including grants management

·        Set up and oversight of fundraising and partnerships pipeline sufficient capital to achieve growth targets over the near term

·        Analyze internal operations and identify areas of process enhancement

·        Manage capital investment and expenses to ensure the organization achieves organizational, growth and profitability targets.

·        Monitor performance with tracking and establish corrective measures as needed, and prepare detailed reports, both current and forecasting

·        Build and maintain trusted relationships with key grantors, the board and steering committee, as well as GRCN directors.

·        Manage the Operations Associate and coordinate with the Regional Directors to ensure operational support (such as expenses reporting) from Regional Associates.

·        Support regional offices in their interface functions with vendors



·        Oversee the program teams in the development and budgeting of network activities, convenings and programs

·        Oversee the preparation of budgets and compliance issues for proposal submissions,