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  1. About INWRDAM

INWRDAM is a “Think & Do Tank”, as it aims to promote resolutions for water related conflicts by fostering dialogue and collaboration. Water is a resource for human survival and its scarcity often creates tension within communities and nations globally. By prioritizing negotiation techniques that encourage cooperation among involved parties and advocating for water management practices we can effectively address this issue. Our research efforts and advocacy campaigns focus on enhancing understanding, among stakeholders with the goal of bridging their interests through approaches that benefit everyone.

  1. About the Project

The increased demand for water in the Middle East and North Africa region due to population and economic growth requirement increase the levels of water stress resulting from limited supplies. This water stress is further aggravated by the impacts of climate change. To address water shortages, water demand management utilizing modern scientific and technological advancements can be key in meeting the needs of the growing populations.

Additionally, the population increase brings about requirements for increased energy, food and growth of the built-up areas. These essential basic human needs must be met, while minimizing the impact on the environment in order to limit the negative impacts of climate change, and to ensure more sustainable socio-economic development over the medium- to long- range. Such intertwined and complex challenges must be addressed at various levels.

On the policy and regulatory levels, it is essential to formulate policies and adopted laws that stress the need for a comprehensive approach to addressing the Water, Energy, Food and Ecosystem (WEFE). The interrelatedness of these sectors is well established, and lately methods have been developed to ensure optimization based on different tradeoffs.

At the program and project levels, it is important to advance the comprehensive approach of considering all tradeoffs and associated benefits and costs. This can be achieved through the WEFE Nexus approach.

Despite improved methodological developments, and at times substantive technological develops, the WEFE Nexus approach utility remains weak in the southern and eastern Mediterranean region. This is due to the need for capacity development, in addition to substantial awareness campaigns.

Further, given the local existing contexts, WEFE Nexus interventions in the region must be formulated with regards to the local needs and requirements. As such, identification, design and implementation of polit replicable projects is key to speeding the rollout of the Nexus approach in the region, while ensuring cost effectiveness.

To this end, the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM), which has taken a leadership role in supporting sustainable socio-economic development in the Mediterranean region has awarded INWRDAM a project from a Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) funding, to address these critical issues.

  1. Overall Objective of the Project

The overall objective of this project is to enhance the management of water, energy and food security within the MENA region ensuring socio-economic and environmental sustainability.

  1. Specific Objectives of the Project

The specific objectives of this project include the following:

  • Institutionalize the WEFE Nexus approach within INWRDAN through a stakeholder participatory process.
  • WEFE Nexus policy development and advocacy.
  • Build Capacities in the MENA region in the area of WEFE Nexus approach.
  • Operationalization of the Nexus approach through pilots, including potential role for the private sector.
  1. Expected Output

The expected output of the project includes the following:

  1. Architecture of WEFE Hub Designed
  2. Key WEFE Nexus Hub information and data
  3. Operational virtual WEFE Nexus Hub
  4. Study reports and policy documents
  5. Advocated WEFE Nexus best practice policy in MENA
  6. Training workshops and seminars
  7. Fully budgeted ToRs (two projects one in Jordan and one in Egypt BSI).
  8. Implemented Pilot projects (output could be infrastructure, equipment, etc. depends on projects selected).
  1. Purpose of the Assignment

The overall purpose of this assignment is to lead all WEFE Nexus technical related activities, including summary of state-of-practice tools and methods, summary of implemented or ongoing WEFE Nexus initiatives in accordance with the project contract.

  1. Scope of Work

The scope of work of the Communication and Advocacy Expert includes the following:

  • Participate in stakeholder identification.
  • Participate in the formulation of the advocacy material.
  • Participate in the design of the website for the WEFE Nexus hub to ensure adequacy and accuracy of technical content.
  • Lead the review and summary of WEFE Nexus state-of-practice and synthesize for the hub.
  • Lead the development of technical training in WEFE Nexus and participate in delivery of training.
  • Participate in the preparation of ToRs for consultants and review their output.
  • Participate in the preparation of related technical reports.
  1. Expected Deliverables

The expected deliverables of the consultant includes the following:

  • Communication Strategy for WEFE Nexus.
  • Advocacy Material.
  • WEFE Nexus messaging.
  • Final list of stakeholders identified.
  • WEFE Nexus Hub design.
  • WEFE Nexus Hub website operational.
  • Related portions of the technical reports for the project.
  1. Expected Commencement of Contract

The contract is expected to commence in October 2023.

  1. Level of Efforts

This is a fulltime position until end of project, expected for 15 months.

  1. Profile of the Expert
  • Education

A Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, with a graduate degree preferred‎.

  • Minimum Professional Experience
  • Preferably five years of professional experience in WEFE Nexus, or WEFE sectors, including water, energy, agriculture or related fields.
  • Experience in communication strategy formulation.
  • Strong technical report writing and presentation skills in both English and Arabic.
  • Languages: Arabic and English.
  1. Location of the Assignment

The assignment shall be based at INWRDAM offices in Amman Jordan.

  1. Reporting

The consultant shall report to the Project Manager.

  1. Applications

The applicants must send off requested documents electronically to [email protected] , clearly indicating on the subject line “ Technical WEFE Expert  – your NAME

The deadline to apply is 8th Oct, 2023






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