Postdoctoral position in theoretical ecology: Biodiversity, stability, and sustainability in ecological and social-ecological systems

Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS)

St. Girons, , FR


This position will continue research initiated within the BIOSTASES project led by Michel Loreau. BIOSTASES is an ambitious, innovative ERC-funded research project that provides new perspectives on the functioning, stability, and sustainability of ecological and coupled social–ecological systems in the face of environmental changes. It contributes to bridging the gaps between theoretical and empirical ecology and between ecology and social sciences, and to developing the theoretical bases of new approaches to biodiversity conservation, landscape management, and sustainable development.


It includes four main research themes:
(1) developing new theoretical approaches to ecological stability;
(2) ecosystem stability and diversitystability relationships at multiple spatial scales;
(3) stability of ecosystem processes and services in complex meta-ecosystems;
(4) sustainability of coupled socialecological systems.


The successful candidate is expected to develop any of these themes in new directions. Therefore creativity and independence are key qualities for this position. Candidates should also meet the following additional requirements:
(1) have a PhD in ecology, mathematics or a related field;
(2) have strong mathematical or quantitative skills;
(3) have a good publication record.