Programme Manager for the Simiyu climate resilience project

GFA Consulting Group

Dodoma, , TZ

Project description

The Simiyu Climate Resilience Project is financed by the Green Climate Fund (GCF) and the German Government through KfW as well as the Government of Tanzania. The Ministry of Water (MoW) will act as Project Executing Agency (PEA) and is supposed to steer and monitor the Project. The project aims at increasing the climate resilience of rural and urban households in the Simiyu Region by improving water supply, sanitation and agriculture and at improving policies and regulation for cross-sectoral action towards climate adaptation. In order to implement this Project, the support of two consultancies is required to assist the PEA: 
  • Management Consultant (MC, Lot 1) to the Ministry of Water (MoWfocusing on contract management, monitoring of implementation, capacity development at MoW and establishing holistic inter-sectoral strategies. 
  • Implementation Consultant (IC, Lot 2) focuses on project implementation including development of concepts, infrastructure, assistance in the operation of implemented investments, community-driven approaches and capacity building. 
The Simiyu Climate Resilience Project has the objective to increase the climate resilience of rural and urban householdsparticularly small-scale farmers and women living in the Simiyu Region, and to improve policies and regulations for cross-sectoral action towards climate change adaptation. The outputsoutcomes and indicators of the project are listed in the updated logical frameworkIn total, 495,000 people shall directly benefit from the measures (257,000 of them being women), plus 2.5 million indirect beneficiaries (by trigger effects and further projects).

Job description

The present Job opportunity refers to the first Consultancy Service (Management Consultant, Lot 1).  
The proposed Expert will be the overall manager of the Programme, which consists of project steering as well as the paradigm shift towards a climate-adapted cross-sector policy in Tanzania. The PM will be responsible for monitoring the technical, time and financial controlling system set up by the IC. He will monitor the IC’s outputs and reports and comment the work’s progress and propose mitigation measures. 
Key Activities are:  
  • Establish steering committee and strengthen inter-governmental cooperation
  • Establish a holistic inter-sectoral policy approach 
  • Capacity Strengthening for inter-sectoral work on climate change adaptation 
  • Develop a concept for ICT Climate Change Information Platform 
  • Support the Project Coordination Office (PCO) within the MoW in managing the project and in project monitoring and controlling 
  • Support project-related communication & visibility activities
Duty station is based in Dodoma, Tanzania


  • Preferably an M.Sc. in an area relevant for the project
General experience: 
  • Profound project/programme management experience in internationally funded projects 
  • Profound project experience in at least five developing countries 
  • >12 years overall working experience
Specific experience: 
  • >5 years experience as Project Manager, Programme Manager in construction projects, mainly in the water sector 
  • Demonstrated experience in technical and financial controlling 
  • Demonstrated experience in policy development and mainstreaming, institutional and 
  • capacity development knowledge and experience
Added advantages: 
  • Regional project experience

Contact person

  Clement Le Navenec [email protected]