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Amethi, , IN

Under the supervision of Project Director (chairman) Partner Name: Vatsalya, and in close collaboration with the Project Manger Water Aid India, Project Manager Partner will be part of team based in Partner program Location: Amethi and would be responsible for the implementation & ensuring delivery of outcome as agreed in the Project agreement of Partner Name & Water Aid India specially in context of Advocacy issues on water conservation, recharge, Behavior Change interventions, program management, field capacity building, team management, managing financial requirements, outcomes of program as per commitment , under the Project title Ensuring Access to safe water, Sanitation and Hygiene to Most Marginalized communities of Partner location .

The Project Manager is expected to undertake operational and thematic responsibilities which ultimately guides the suggested Project approach between the different project elements and variety of audiences.

Thematic responsibilities
1. Adaptation and execution of Access to safe water, Sanitation and Hygiene approach through Behaviour change process, which mostly includes:
a. Plan activities & engagements with different stakeholders for both qualitative and quantitative output & data collection resulting in the validation of behavioural objectives.
b. Provide Input in BCC strategy and applying it for project’s different audiences.
2. Responsible for various project activity with timelines for monitoring and reviewing progress and milestones.
3. Be Responsible for comprehensive documentation, monitoring & evaluation, and learning purposes and ensure adherence to all agreed protocols in project implementation including the creation of evidence (through life histories and case studies) to illustrate the results of the project activities carried out (including taking photos and videos).

Operational responsibilities
1. Lead project at district level and Coordinate Program activities so that there is coherence and complementarity between them to have a positive impact on the specific target groups and the community.
2. Facilitate and provide required support in planning of program activities linked to the interventions of the other components of the project (Access to water and sanitation hygiene)
3. Maintain a clear line of communication between project team and reporting point person of water Aid
4. Manage the resources allocated to the program activities efficiently (in collaboration with the Water Aid India Program Manager).
5. Consolidate and compile the reports, case studies, do monitoring visits and support the incorporation of information into the different reports (annual, biannual and final).
6. Ensure timely utilisation of project Budget and keep track of the variance and maintain and generate all budgetary reports as and when required.
7. Advocacy with district administration on water and sanitation issues
8. Vigilante of opportunities at district level and collaborate on same for leveraging it
9. Construction components are duly established with demand from community, and leveraged from government departments.
10. Innovation, creative, on issues of program
11. Have 100% understanding of government programs, schemes , government structures
12. Fast leaners and team manager


? Based at Partner Location, strong local ties would be preferred.
? Fluent in Hindi and English- Reading writing, making presentation, case studies, write-up , concept notes, proposals,
? one years’ experience in a non-governmental, non-profit and/or other local organization is preferable and Fresher’s from reputed institution’s are also welcome to apply
? Experience in social art, public health or social marketing campaigns;
? Excellent organizational, logistical and communication skills;
? Good knowledge of the local cultural context and history
? Gender sensitive
? Interest in water, sanitation, and hygiene;
? Excellent knowledge of the Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).


– Experience with non-governmental organizations.
– Experience with visual or performing arts, social art;
– Experience in the water, sanitation and hygiene sector would be preferred.


Education in field of water sanitation and hygiene, preferably from premier institutes of India. Graduated from civil engineering back ground who have worked in development sector having experience of water structure like ponds, rain water harvesting, toilet technologies like twin pit, bio tank, tiger toilet, eco san, technologies to be used in flood situations, waste management would be preferred with substantial evidence. Preferred education on civil engineering with experience on FSTP would be preferred

Mandatory experience: Fecal Sludge Management treatment plants and related work on FSTP

The interested candidate may apply at email address of ‘[email protected]’ within 7 days from the date of advertisement. Beside CV the application should also contain covering letter.

Salary:- 50000 per month which is inclusive of PF and other standard deduction per month and travel and communication as per actual