Consultant for Terminal Evaluation of UNDP/GEF Project

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Phnom Penh, , KH

Land degradation is a serious issue in Cambodia posing a direct threat to food and water security since it affects agriculture productivity and water retention capacity of watersheds. It is linked with deforestation and forest degradation and exacerbated by climate change perpetuating increased vulnerability to climate related risks in turn. The project title “Collaborative Management for Watershed and Ecosystem Service Protection and Rehabilitation in the Cardamom Mountains, Upper Prek Thnot River Basin (CoWES)” is designed to reduce pressures on upland watershed areas from competing land uses by demonstrating collaborative management and rehabilitation of agriculture lands and forest areas by promoting sustainable land management and stabilizing watershed catchment functions in a priority degraded area, Upper Prek Thnot watershed in Kampong Speu Province as identified by the National Action Plan to Combat Land Degradation 2018 – 2027. The project aims to achieve three main outputs: i) On-farm soil conservation and agroforestry practices improved; ii) Community forest areas restored and sustainably managed; and iii) Watershed management and monitoring capacity improved. They are consistent with UNDP Cambodia’s Country Programme Document (CPD) 2016-2018 as it specifically requires “building resilience” by contributing to strengthening environmental services and the system of forest management and protected areas, including sustainable land and watershed management.

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) is the Implementing Partner (IP), with support from a number of key relevant Ministries. To ensure effective engagement of stakeholders in order to establish institutional arrangements at provincial and district levels to lead watershed management programs and host M&E system in partnership with relevant stakeholders at various levels, various capacity development and trainings for communities as well as for national, provincial and district government officials will be provided by the project through consultation meetings and workshops to promote sustainable land and forest management practices in the targeted area.

CoWES aims to restore and maintain forest cover and watershed stability functions while providing for sustainable livelihoods and ecosystem services in the Upper Prek Thnot Watershed. In order to achieve this objective, the project demonstrate, or pilot introduce sustainable land management (SLM) technologies with local household (small landholders), SLM and technical advices to agribusiness (large landholders and Economic Land Concession-ELCs) and experiment on wider landscape management for protection of ecosystem functional services.


The International Consultant / evaluator is expected to deliver the following:

  • Inception Report: Evaluator provides clarifications on timing and method, Evaluator submits to UNDP CO no later than 1 week before the evaluation mission

  • Presentation of Initial Findings: Evaluator submits to project management and UNDP CO at the end of evaluation mission

  • Draft Final Report: Full report (per template provided in TE Guidance) with annexes, Evaluator submits to CO within 3 weeks of the evaluation mission, reviewed by RTA, PCU, GEF OFPs

  • Final Report: Revised report, Evaluator submits to CO within 1 week of receiving UNDP comments on draft

Interested offeror must  read  the Individual Consultant (IC) Procurement Notice, which can be viewed at for more  detail information about term  of references, instructions to offeror, and to download the documents to be submitted in the offer through online

  • Knowledge and experiences of UNDP and GEF monitoring and evaluation policies and Cambodian development context.



A Master’s degree in natural resource management, agricultural development, climatology/meteorology, water resources management, environmental sciences, disaster management or related field.


  • Minimum 7 years of experience in conducting evaluation for development projects and GEF funded project.

  • Minimum of 7 years of relevant professional experience in relevant technical areas of climate change, agriculture, watershed, natural resource management and/or rural development.

  • Experience working for development projects, with multi stakeholders including government agencies, development agencies, and UN agencies

  • Previous experience with results-based monitoring and evaluation methodologies, application of SMART indicators and reconstructing or validating baseline scenarios

Language Requirement: High proficiency in English, knowledge of Khmer would be an advantage.

UNDP reserves right to reject any applications that is incomplete.

Please be informed that we don’t accept application submitted via email.

Interested individual offeror must submit the following documents/information to demonstrate their qualifications:

1. Explaining why they are the most suitable for the work

2. Financial proposal

3. Personal CV including experience in similar projects, list of publication written by Candidate and at least 3 references.

Interested Offerors are required to submit application via UNDP jobsite system as the application screening and evaluation will be done through UNDP jobsite system. Please note that UNDP jobsite system allows only one uploading of application document, so please make sure that you merge all your documents into a single file. Your on-line applications submission will be acknowledged where an email address has been provided. If you do not receive an e-mail acknowledgement within 24 hours of submission, your application may not have been received. In such cases, please resubmit the application, if necessary. Please combine all your documents into one (1) single PDF document as the system only allows to upload maximum one document.

Any request for clarification/additional information on this procurement notice shall be communicated in writing to UNDP office or send to email [email protected] and cc [email protected] . While the Procurement Unit would endeavor to provide information expeditiously, only requests receiving at least 5 working days prior to the submission deadline will be entertained. Any delay in providing such information will not be considered as a reason for extending the submission deadline. The UNDP’s response (including an explanation of the query but without identifying the source of inquiry) will be posted in Individual Consultant (IC) Procurement Notice page as provided above. Therefore, all prospective Offerors are advised to visit the page regularly to make obtain update related to this Individual Consultant (IC) Procurement Notice.