Groenlandberg Catchment Coordinator

Groenlandberg Water Users Association

Grabouw, , ZA


The Groenlandberg Water Users Association (GWUA) is advertising a position for a catchment coordinator on a 2 year contract. This comes as part of a collaborative supply chain initiative with the aim of enhancing the effective implementation of existing alien clearing projects, and to establish new complimentary projects that are delivering water security objectives within the project area of the Groenlandberg (i.e. the Palmiet river catchment).

GWUA is seeking a dynamic and self-driven individual with relevant work experience and an agricultural science and/or conservation ecology background. The successful candidate who will establish positive working relationships with producers in the Elgin/Grabouw/Vyeboom/Villiersdorp (EGVV) area, gather data and provide an integrated plan for implementing water security projects within priority areas along the Palmiet and Ribbok river systems. The activities can include mapping, prioritizing, planning and monitoring of invasive alien plant clearing, restoration of riparian areas, management of soil erosion, creation of firebreaks and promotion of sustainable farming practices.


From a water security perspective, this area falls within the Boland Strategic Water Source Area and the Groenlandberg is critical mountain catchment that feeds in to the City of Cape Town fresh water supply. It supplies the farms, communities and businesses in the area with fresh water. The EGVV regions is one of the highest value fruit producing areas in the country with a strong local tourism industry and is therefore important in terms of regional employment, income generation and livelihood security.

The need for such a co-ordinator position has arisen through stakeholder consultation which identified not the lack of funding to implement the projects (specifically alien clearing NRM funded projects) but a lack of co-ordination between project implementers which can result in ad-hoc clearing and/or less strategic implementation of alien clearing teams within the greater catchment due to specific funding timelines or requirements.

The role of this position will be to facilitate a shared understanding and responsibility of the water stewardship within the catchment, as well as to establish new complimentary projects, raise funds for the implementation of these projects and have oversight of the implementation, monitoring and potential expansion of these projects.

Job Functions Other

Industries Agriculture


  • Developing an area wide plan for the catchment focused on water-related challenges with all stakeholders input
  • To develop a specific alien clearing plan that is integrated across the project area to help co-ordinate teams based on priority areas and set timelines and available budgets
  • To establish ground water monitoring projects that gather data to ensure resources are maintained at sustainable levels
  • To co-ordinate learning exchanges on water issues between different catchments (e.g. water quality issues, irrigation practices etc.) or sustainable production standards
  • To develop a fire management plan for the area together with local FPA
  • To work directly with proactive private landowners and fruit suppliers in the project area to manage their water risks and co-develop improvement plans that feed into the catchment level plan.
  • Project management and quality assurance of all projects including monitoring & evaluation, contracting, in-house training of workers, reporting and project oversight of operational activities such as planning & implementation of annual plan of operation and financial record keeping.
  • Staff management and leadership including management and implementation of contractors (ranging from alien clearing teams to water quality advisors etc.)
  • Stakeholder engagement and relationship building with project partners (such as landowners, farmer associations, alien plant clearing and restoration contractors as well as associated government bodies like the Western Cape Department of Agriculture: LandCare, Cape Nature, Department of Forestry, Fisheries and Land Reform etc.)
  • Management and administration of alien clearing and restoration activities including administration, mapping, data capturing, planning, in-field verification, reporting on findings and regular comprehensive reporting to the GWUA and external funders.
  • Awareness raising about effective natural resource management to various stakeholders, including organising workshops and information sharing events for project participants.
  • Bringing to life the Catchment Management Plan (and any updated versions such as a River Maintenance Management Plan) for the two river systems which includes site visits before & after reporting on findings and promoting the use of MMP and assisting with random sampling.
  • Fundraising for project related activities, for example to support alien clearing and restoration contract teams, infrastructure or technology developments to improve water abstraction monitoring & reporting, data analysis and reporting using various tools, research or pilot projects to support innovation around natural resource management (water recycling, soil carbon) and climate change adaption techniques and technologies.


  • Professionalism, strong work ethic and ability to work independently but also be a very strong team player with the ability to work to tight deadlines.
  • Excellent relationship management skills and ability to engage with variety stakeholders
  • 3-5 years’ experience in managing small teams of contractors – specifically in implementing alien plant clearing and restoration activities.
  • Relevant environmental management qualification with agricultural extension skills as preference
  • Effective data management skills, including GIS and mapping expertise
  • Project management skills including sound financial administration and management (managing multiple budgets), forecasting, fundraising
  • Proficiency in working in Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint
  • Ability to represent the project and present on behalf of the project partners at variety of different forums
  • Fluent in English and Afrikaans, and isiXhosa an advantage

Job Closing Date 30/04/2020