U.S. nationals: Research Hydrologist

U.S. Agricultural Research Service

Stoneville, MS, US


This position is located within the United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, Sustainable Water Management Research Unit, located in Stoneville, Mississippi.

The purpose of the position is to evaluate water management practices on the plot, field, and landscape levels utilizing field based measurements and experimentation, and modeling to develop regional conservation strategies and optimize watershed management for long- term agroecosystem sustainability.

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  • Develop and assess integrated approaches and technologies for increasing water-use efficiency and water resources sustainability in cropping systems in the Lower Mississippi River Basin while reducing deleterious environmental impacts.
  • Independently plan and conduct research to develop knowledge relevant to this area and actively interacts with other Agency and university scientists, maintains collaboration with federal and state agencies and industry.
  • Participate with other scientists in the ARS long-term Agroecosystem (LTAR) network.