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Bangkok, , TH

Mangroves for the Future (MFF) is a unique partner-led initiative to promote investment in coastal ecosystem conservation for sustainable development. Co-chaired by IUCN and UNDP, MFF provides a platform for collaboration among the many different agencies, sectors and countries which are addressing challenges to coastal ecosystem and livelihood issues.

The goal is to promote an integrated ocean-wide approach to coastal management and to building the resilience of coastal communities in Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Maldives, Myanmar, Pakistan, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Viet Nam.

Mangroves are the flagship of the programme, but MFF is inclusive of all types of coastal ecosystem, such as coral reefs, estuaries, lagoons, sandy beaches, sea grasses and wetlands. The emphasis is on generating knowledge, empowering local communities, enhancing governance and promoting policy solutions that will support best practices in integrated coastal management.

Moving forward, MFF will increasingly focus on building resilience of ecosystem dependent coastal communities by promoting nature based solutions and by showcasing the climate change adaptation and mitigation benefits that can be achieved with healthy mangrove forests and other types of coastal vegetation.

Knowledge and Information Management are important and integral to the MFF strategy for long term sustainability and policy influence beyond the project period.


Located within the MFF Regional Secretariat in Bangkok, Thailand, this position is responsible for the management and implementation of the MFF Knowledge Management and Communication (KMC) strategies in a manner that ensures the achievement of the objectives set out in the MFF Phase 3 Programme Document and in accordance with the recommendations of internal and external programme reviews.

The Programme Manager, Knowledge and Sustainability will further develop and oversee implementation of the MFF knowledge and information management activities to ensure effective and efficient pipelines and pathways for transforming lessons and analysis into desired impact upon policy and practice through targeted audiences. The post holder will devise approaches to ensure up-to-date, cutting edge knowledge-oriented work, which will in turn contribute to MFF’s flagship knowledge products as well as transform gained knowledge into new projects. The position will work in collaboration with the IUCN Asia Communications team as well as Director, Project Development to deliver high quality integrated, communication products and support project development for sustainability of the programme.

The Programme Manager, Knowledge and Sustainability will support integration of Knowledge and Information Management as an important and integral part of the MFF strategy for long term sustainability and policy influence beyond the project period. The position also will lead on establishment of sustainable knowledge hubs to support policy influence through National Coordinating Bodies and other relevant stakeholders on management of coastal areas in line with country priorities.


1. Knowledge Management:
• Lead the ongoing development and implementation of the Regional Knowledge Management and Communication Strategy, e.g. identify, share and apply information, including project results, lessons learned, best practices and stories of change for further capacity development, communication/knowledge materials and projects;.
• Contribute to strategic planning, development and delivery of the National KMC Strategies.
• Support the implementation of MFF monitoring, learning and evaluation (MLE) activities through identifying potential topics to develop knowledge products and communication materials.
• Assist with implementing knowledge management related activities, e.g. organising and conducting workshops/training courses and field activities, and participation in national and regional events.
• Promote knowledge sharing through the organization’s operational business processes and systems by, among others, strengthening links between knowledge sharing and the information systems, and improving integration among information systems in the organization, to facilitate seamless exchange of information across systems;
• Promote collaborative tools such as activity rooms to facilitate sharing of ideas and work among internal teams and external partners;
• Provide support for the establishment and nurturing of communities of practice, including workshops, one-on-one guidance, and troubleshooting;
• Share experiences across communities of practice, business units, and networks on innovative approaches in knowledge sharing, including preparation of case studies;
• Help monitor and evaluate the knowledge sharing program, including external benchmarking and evaluation programs/opportunities;
• Help disseminate information about the organization’s knowledge sharing program to internal and external audiences, including organizing knowledge sharing events (such as knowledge fairs, site visits, interviews), maintaining communications on knowledge sharing across the organization, participation in orientation and training sessions, and preparation of brochures/presentations.

2. Information Management
• Oversee regular updates, improvement and maintenance of the online MFF Document Management System under a consistent structure, in collaboration with Programme and Project Managers to ensure that all programmatic documentations are updated and easy to locate.
• Collect, share and apply information, including project results, lessons learned and best practices, to assist the programme in supporting capacity development and technical assistance needs at regional and national levels.
• Coordinate with NCs and facilitate processes for obtaining of news and stories that can be further developed into stories of change, learning events, knowledge products and projects.
• Assist with writing, reviewing, and formatting project documents, proposals and other products.

3. Communication Management
• In collaboration with ARO Communication Unit, support external MFF communications activities (i.e. press and media relations, newsletter),
• Manage the MFF website and social media channels

4. Programme delivery and project development and planning
• Work closely with the Director, Projects Development, Country Representatives/Heads and Programme Coordinators to support the National Coordinators in converting knowledge products and lessons learnt into new projects to ensure sustainability of the MFF programme.
• Support programme and project evaluations and participate in related reviews, as necessary;
• Establish strong links between communications/knowledge management and programme coordination and delivery.

5. Other Duties
• Ensure that the MFF Resilience Framework, strategic focus areas and cross cutting issues are well supported in terms of information and knowledge management; and
• Carry out any other tasks as directed by the line manager.

  • Advanced Degree in Business Administration, Knowledge Management, Project Management, Information Management, Social Sciences, Communications and Organizational Behavior or similar field.
• At least 10 years of experience in knowledge and information management at a similar level including capacity development experience at a regional level.
• Demonstrated experience in developing and managing communities of practice and networks are a plus.
• A positive and proactive attitude: Ability to balance “analysis” with “doing” while setting high standards for self and committing to organisational goals.
• Strong executive presence: able to interact with senior level executives and build and maintain strong, trust-based and credible relationships.
• Ability to analyse and interpret complex concepts for the audience with different backgrounds.
• Cultural awareness and sensitivity to gender issues as well as people and performance management.
• Experience and understanding of multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary setting and ability to use these experiences to add value the knowledge management work.
• Customer Service Orientation; responds promptly and effectively to client needs; Customizes services and products as appropriate and moves toward the long-term interest of customers.
• Ability to create opportunity and shape the sustainable business through Knowledge Management.
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English – including ability to display a range of communication approaches for diverse community needs. A high level of computer literacy and willingness to travel as required.

Applicants are requested to apply online through the HR Management System, by opening the vacancy announcement and pressing the “Apply” button.

Applicants will be asked to create an account and submit their profile information. Applications will not be accepted after the closing date. The vacancy closes at midnight, Swiss time (GMT+1 / GMT+2 during Daylight Saving Time, DST).

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