Sustainability Manager

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1. Develop and manage sustainability initiatives, programs, and activities
•    Identify annual objectives and develop program work-plans in partnership with HKS leadership as envisioned in the HKS Sustainability Plan
•    Actively support and leverage the ideas and energy of students and staff via the HKS Sustainability Initiative, in a manner consistent with the HKS Plan. 
•    Envision, develop, implement and drive project plans from conception through implementation to achieve the goals, standards, and commitments as detailed in the HKS Sustainability Plan in collaboration with key stakeholders 
•    Plan and execute HKS campus-wide events 
•    Present to senior leaders and key stakeholders

2. Staff and advise the HKS Sustainability Leadership Council

3. Cultivate consensus through development and management of new and existing partnerships to institutionalize sustainability into HKS culture 
•    Identify and develop opportunities with faculty and students to use the campus as a “living laboratory” for testing and piloting research 
•    Leverage University faculty’s research and teaching to propel sustainability plan goals, standards and commitments of the HKS plan
•    Foster relationships with departments across the university to further shared sustainability initiatives, especially GBS (Green Building Services)
•    Manage the activities/events of the Sustainability Leadership Council and HKS Sustainability Initiative

3. Drive change management to contribute to the implementation of policies and standards that align with HKS strategic priorities 
•    Research best practices in sustainable development and corporate responsibility
•    Conduct benchmarking and analysis of peer institutions and organizations 
•    Create new tools, resources and campaigns 
•    Establish a system for providing regular feedback and reporting through data tracking and analysis. 

4. Perform management and administrative duties to fulfill responsibilities
•    Support the “One Harvard” mission by partnering with and leveraging HPAC and HKS communications channels to produce website content and engage the community through marketing and outreach materials.
•    Manage project budgets
•    Hire, train and manage student interns/fellows, if needed

5. Perform other duties and work on special projects as needed

Some of the specific activities that will be undertaken in Year 1 include:
•    Complete, analyze and implement the first wellness assessment at the Kennedy School 
•    Research the environmental burden associated with air travel by the Kennedy School community, and help to identify opportunities to promote alternative options such as video conferencing and web conferencing;
•    Ensure the transition to the purchase of furniture, fixtures and furnishings that contain only healthy building materials
•    Introduce greater exposure to nature in HKS interior spaces
•    Coordinate and oversee completion of recommendations for rooftop solar photo voltaics and chiller replacement/consolidation.  

Basic Qualifications:

  • Bachelors Degree
  • 5-7 years of experience in successful project plan development, management & implementation 
  • Demonstrated working knowledge of sustainability industry trends
  • Proficiency in MS Office suite. 

Additional Qualifications:

•    Master’s Degree preferred
•    Excellent relationship building, interpersonal, communication, writing, and presentation skills  
•    Proven ability to think critically, solve problems and conduct research and analysis
•    Proven ability to work independently and as part of a larger team
•    Possess creativity, enthusiasm, high energy and adaptability to initiate new creative ideas and deliver results in constantly changing     environment
•    Knowledge of higher education/universities preferred
•    Experience working in higher education/universities and with faculty and students preferred
•    Requires some work outside of normal business hours (including but not limited to faculty and student meetings and events

An ability to learn Harvard systems and web software quickly is a requirement.  Proficiency in Photoshop or other design software is a plus.