WASH Product Procurement Scoping Study

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Due to structural challenges in the humanitarian sector, promising innovations often fail to gain the traction necessary for sustained use and wider uptake. For product innovations, getting a new product accepted as a routine part of the response of any large international humanitarian organisation is extremely difficult, involving navigating complex procurement processes.

In response to this challenge, we are commissioning a scoping study looking at decision-making in WASH product procurement: what systems and processes exist, how decisions are made for including new products in product catalogues, and how product specifications are developed and applied by different actors within the system.


We’re looking for individuals or teams/collaborations to undertake a consultancy exploring WASH product procurement systems in international NGOs and UN agencies.

There are three primary overarching components to be considered:

  1. Understanding procurement systems and decision-making processes for warehoused WASH products at headquarter-level in international humanitarian agencies.
  2. Understanding local WASH product procurement systems and decision-making processes for country offices of international humanitarian agencies.
  3. Understanding the ways in which headquarter- and country office-level WASH product procurement systems and decision-making processes overlap and inform each other, across different agencies and country contexts.

Terms of Reference

Please read our Terms of Reference for full details.


The intended start date is May 2020 and the period of implementation of the contract will be a maximum of six months from this date.


Please see our Terms of Reference for the full details of what we expect from your proposal.

The deadline for proposals is Friday 17 April, 23:59 GMT.

Please submit your application via email to [email protected] for the attention of Ian McClelland with ‘HIF WASH Product Procurement Study’ included as the subject title.



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