U.S. nationals: Navigable Water Specialist

U.S. Bureau of Land Management

Anchorage, AK, US


This position is part of the BLM Alaska State Office, Bureau of Land Management in Anchorage, Alaska. Information about locations within Alaska can be found at: https://dcra-cdo-dcced.opendata.arcgis.com/

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  • Make legally defensible administrative determinations for Alaska’s inland water bodies based upon use or susceptibility of use for travel, trade, and commerce.
  • Locate and interview local residents, government officials and others knowledgeable about the physical character, history, and transportation as it may regard boat use, navigation, subsistence, recreation, hydrology, and impedance to water travels.
  • Provide expertise on current laws, policies, and procedures relating to submerged lands in Alaska.
  • Serve as expert witness in navigability cases. Advises on possible effects of court decisions, legislation, and administrative actions relating to navigability of water bodies.
  • Design the framework for Navigability Geographic Information System (GIS).




IHE Delft Institute for Water Education - MSc in Water and Sustainable Development