Barbados or Eastern Caribbean nationals: Climate Change Officer

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

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The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) operates in over 170 countries and territories, helping to achieve the eradication of poverty, to reduce inequalities and to increase sustainability. Within this challenging scenario, partnership development is a crucial aspect for the achievement of UNDP goals and the engagement of different institutions among the private and public sectors.

Climate change is the single greatest challenge humanity has ever faced, threatening water and food security, health, livelihoods, and the safety of billions of people. The global response to this challenge must be just, inclusive, and leave no one behind, while seeking the most efficient climate solutions that advance multiple Sustainable Development Goals at once. UNDP has recently launched its ambitious “Climate Promise” which will support 100 countries to enhance their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) under the Paris Agreement by 2020, with demonstrated increase in ambition for greater emissions reduction and resilience building. To deliver this promise, UNDP is leveraging its extensive expertise and capacities across the world, including through our donors and partners, to support country offices.

In cooperation with the Italian ministry of Environment, UNDP will deploy a National Officer/Advisor to boost the capacities of the country office to manage the growing demand of support from the government in the areas of climate and environment policy advisory and programming support, particularly in delivering the Climate Promise support in 2020. 

Duties and Responsibilities

Under the direct supervision of the UNDP Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean DRR, in close consultation with the UNDP Cluster Head of Sustainable Solutions and Energy and the overall guidance of the Africa Centre for Climate and Sustainable Development (ACSD) Coordinator, the National Officer will be expected to assist with the following activities and tasks:

1. Delivery, monitoring and reporting of Climate Promise and Environment related projects

• Conduct thorough analysis and research of the political, social, economic and environmental situation in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean Countries and Territories covered by the Barbados MCO, and preparation of substantive inputs to strategies, reviews, evaluations and project designs;

• Support the preparation of at least two (2) environment related project proposals;

• Review and revise workplans and budgets and provide inputs to the preparation of results-based work plans;

• Coordinate day-to-day implementation of climate promise and environment related projects

• Support the preparation of project progress reports and related presentations, briefings, knowledge products and relevant documents as required;

• Support the quality assurance of the portfolio through the substantive and financial monitoring of projects, including through filed visits, to identify operational bottlenecks and develop recommendations for effective solutions; Liaise with the regional technical advisor/hub focal point on the implementation progress and advise of any deviations from the project plan;

• Manage information flows and oversee project implementation in cooperation with the ACSD office and regional technical advisor/hub focal point;

• Support the recruitment of consultants and the administration of contracts through: drafting TORs, finalizing advertisements, screening, long and short listing, interviews;

• Maintain records of project files and other supporting documents;

• Prepare project completion reports and ensure compliance with contractual obligations;

• Provide strategic support to all aspects of the climate and environment portfolio through anticipatory action, proactive monitoring, data mining, production of studies and processes supporting the alignment of the portfolio targets with the UNDP Business Plan; 

1. Stakeholder management, partnership coordination, and external relations

• Support the coordination and management of communications with donors, implementing partners, and other cooperation agencies under the supervision of the DRR;

• Liaise and build relationships with government counterparts, other United Nations (UN) agencies, international non-governmental organizations (I/NGOS), academia, private sector, civil society, and other relevant stakeholders;

• Support the establishment of strategic partnerships and management of external relations;
• Conduct analysis and research of information on partners and donors for the preparation of substantive briefs on possible areas of cooperation, identification of cooperation opportunities;

2. Knowledge management and innovation

• Contribute to knowledge building and sharing related to the current and emerging trends in the fields of sustainable development, climate change, energy, resource efficiency;

• Contribute to the compilation and dissemination of best practices and lessons learned through relevant knowledge platforms including the UNDP Global Community of Practices related to Energy, Climate and Environment;

• Identify and synthesize of best practices and lessons learnt directly linked to the Climate Promise and the climate/environment portfolio;

• Keep well-informed of new developments and innovative approaches/solutions in the areas of climate change and environmental management and actively contribute to the office learning process and corporate knowledge tools


Ability to make new and useful ideas work
Level 4: Originate (Peer Regarded Lead Expert)

Ability to persuade others to follow
Level 4: Originate (Peer Regarded Lead Expert)

People Management
Ability to improve performance and satisfaction 
Level 4: Originate (Peer Regarded Lead Expert)

Ability to listen, adapt, persuade and transform
Level 4: Originate (Peer Regarded Lead Expert)

Ability to get things done 
Level 4: Originate (Peer Regarded Lead Expert)

Project Management
Knowledge of project and programme development work and the ability to apply in strategic and/or practical situations
Level 3: Apply & Adapt (Recognized contributor with demonstrated ability)

Ability to engage with other agencies, donors, and other development stakeholders and forge productive working relationships 
Level 3: Apply & Adapt (Recognized contributor with demonstrated ability)

Quality of work
Ability to deliver high-quality work and manage competing priorities in time sensitive situations 
Level 3: Apply & Adapt (Recognized contributor with demonstrated ability)

Analytic sense
Ability to evaluates information accurately and identifies key issues required to resolve problems 
Level 3: Apply & Adapt (Recognized contributor with demonstrated ability)

Teamwork and task resolution
Ability to work in teams and across units effectively and shows conflict resolution skills 
Level 3: Apply & Adapt (Recognized contributor with demonstrated ability)


Knowledge Management
Ability to efficiently handle and share information and knowledge 
Level 3: Apply & Adapt (Recognized contributor with demonstrated ability)

Inter-personal skills
Ability to communicate effectively in a multi-cultural environment 
Level 3: Apply & Adapt (Recognized contributor with demonstrated ability)

Self reliance
Ability to establishes priorities for his-herself, schedules activities to ensure optimum use of time and resources 
Level 3: Apply & Adapt (Recognized contributor with demonstrated ability)

Sensitivity and adaptability
Displays cultural, gender, race, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability

Level 3: Apply & Adapt (Recognized contributor with demonstrated ability)

Commitment to UNDP
Demonstrates commitment to UNDP’s mission, vision and values  
Level 3: Apply & Adapt (Recognized contributor with demonstrated ability)

Required Skills and Experience


Master’s Degree or equivalent Advanced Degree in International Relations, Public Administration, Law, natural or social sciences related to natural resources management and/or sustainable development

1. A minimum of two years of work experience related to sustainable development, climate change, natural resource management or environmental protection;

2. Demonstrated experience in the areas of project development, planning, implementation, and monitoring;

3. Experience working with the UN or another international organization would be considered an advantage; 

4. Experience working with multi-donor and/or vertical funded (GCF, GEF, AF, LDCF/SCCF) projects is highly desirable;

5. Experience working in a multi-cultural setting is desired;
6. Experience in the use of an ERP system is an added advantage;

Language Requirements:

Fluency in oral and written English;