Assistant Professor

Texas Tech University

Lubbock, TX, US

Position Description

Contributes to the university’s mission through teaching, research and service, some variation by academic unit.

Major/Essential Functions

  • Strive to further the mission of the Llano River Field Station (LRFS) by expanding educational and research activities that enhance community and scientific knowledge of the natural environment such as but not limited to: watershed, exotic species, natural resources management, ecological restoration, environmental education and assist in curriculum development with the LRFS-Outdoor Learning Center, hydrology, and geology.
  • Have a record of obtaining external funding for research and outreach projects, experience in working with interdisciplinary teams, demonstrated supervisory activities and strong communication skills with complete transparency.
  • Develop research collaborations across Texas Tech University, as well as research partnerships with other universities, state and federal agencies, regional landowners, and regional stakeholders.
  • Engage faculty researchers and curators in the Natural Sciences Research Laboratory of the Texas Tech Museum with ecological, disease-related, and genomics research at the LRFS.
  • Be a tenured track faculty on a 12-month appointment, approximately 9 months in Lubbock and 3 months in Junction.  The incumbent is expected to travel to the LRFS on a regular basis.


Texas Tech University

Required Qualifications

Academic degree as defined by the academic unit and as appropriate for the position held. Demonstrated record of effectiveness as a teacher, a record of peer reviewed publication and/or peer-reviewed creative activity which has contributed to the discipline or field of study, to the candidate’s intellectual and artistic development, and to the quality of the academic enterprise; a record of professional service appropriate to the discipline; promise of growth in teaching and research or artistic and creative activity

Preferred Qualifications

  • Proven record in writing and receiving grants.
  • History overseeing research projects and graduate students.
  • Successful leadership and demonstrated accomplishments in developing and attaining strategic goals and objectives.

Occasional Duties

  • Promote the LRFS for graduate research opportunities within Texas Tech University or partnering universities.
  • Promote the LRFS to serve as a venue for professional meetings for local, state and federal programs.





IHE Delft Institute for Water Education - MSc in Water and Sustainable Development