Water Cycle / Climate Change Scientist

ICF International

Washington, DC, US

Overview. The U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP) seeks to hire a mid-career scientist with expertise relevant to coordinating water cycle science.  The successful candidate will coordinate implementation of USGCRP’s water cycle related priorities and lead the United States Global Energy and Water Cycle EXchanges (U.S. GEWEX) Program Office. In this role, the successful candidate will also serve as the USGCRP National Coordination Office’s (NCO) science lead across its research coordination portfolio, which includes observations, modeling, and process research. This is a supervisory position.

The USGCRP coordinates and integrates global change research and supporting activities conducted by 13 Federal Agencies and Departments, and is overseen by the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) of the Executive Office of the President and by representatives from those agencies. The day-to-day activities and operations of the USGCRP are facilitated by the USGCRP NCO, which is responsible for promoting interagency coordination and integration of Federal climate and global change research programs and facilitating international cooperation.

The U.S. GEWEX Program Office exists under the auspices of the USGCRP to provide infrastructure and support for U.S. interagency activities relevant to water cycle science and global change, under the direction of USGCRP’s interagency Integrated Water Cycle Group (IWCG). This position coordinates this group, serves as a central point of contact for GEWEX within the United States, coordinates closely with the International GEWEX Project Office (IGPO), and handles day-to-day operations, planning, execution, and communication for the Project  Office in support of U.S. interagency water cycle-related activities.

Key responsibilities for the successful Candidate:

  • Leads coordination of USGCRP water cycle related activities
    • Provides support for interagency water and energy cycle activities within the United States (including facilitating/drafting science and implementation documents) and facilitates their connection to the larger GEWEX efforts, as appropriate. This includes coordination for a more complete understanding of water cycle science in the U.S. Federal water science enterprise
    • Organizes sessions, open community workshops, and other fora to review recent research results, synthesize the current state of understanding, and identify gaps in knowledge and activities to advance the science
  • Leads the U.S. GEWEX Office and its coordination with GEWEX internationally. 
    • Develops, updates, and maintains documentation of the U.S. GEWEX Office and the IWCG 
    • Directs any junior staff providing GEWEX assistance/support functions
    • Facilitates communication of science and activities supported by the Office (e.g. by maintaining website, creating outreach and engagement opportunities, and disseminating materials)
    • Maintains productive communication/liaison with related programs – U.S. CLIVAR, GEWEX, and others as appropriate and represents the U. S. GEWEX Office at related meetings
  • Provides science management and input to the broader USGCRP research coordination portfolio
    • Manages science staff coordinating/supporting the Integrated Observations and Integrated Modeling working groups
    • Coordinates with National Climate Assessment (NCA) Senior Manager on appropriate contributions to NCA in relevant subject matter
    • Provides strategic advice to NCO leadership on emerging science opportunities
    • Serves as USGCRP Staff liaison on other relevant interagency entities (e.g. related National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) subcommittees, other interagency initiatives) as appropriate

Educational Requirements:

  • PhD in a relevant water cycle, hydrology or other Earth system-science related field and 5 years or more experience in this area of research or program coordination, or equivalent experience

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Knowledge of fundamental scientific and research concepts, methods, and advances related to the relationship between the water cycle, energy cycle, and global change
  • Familiarity with the water and energy cycle research community, in the United States and/or internationally
  • Advanced and compelling oral and written communication skills
  • Demonstrated ability to lead teams
  • Demonstrated experience in scientific strategic planning, prioritization, and coordination preferred
  • Ability to facilitate development of consensus across complex organizational structures
  • Travel is expected to be 1-2 international trips and 1-2 domestic trips per year






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