Managing the impact of heavy meteo-hydrological events on the operation and safety of urban water networks via EURAXESS

Università degli Studi di Genova

Genova, , IT

The project deals with the analysis, monitoring and mitigation of meteo-hydrological hazard and its impact on the management of water services, with a specific focus on both technological and methodological innovation. The project is performed jointly by UNIGE and a local multi-utility (IREN), involving a group of stakeholders made of similar companies operating on the national territory. IREN will have the role of test case, providing data, case studies and real needs expressed by the final users. The research aims to develop methods to reduce the risk of failure in water supply and urban drainage networks, using smart mitigation solutions, and to ensure improvements in the quality of life in the urban areas, reducing the number of failures in water networks and therefore the lack of water supply and the risk of flooding in urban areas.

Eligibility criteria

The qualification to apply every selection is specified in the notice for each research program. To apply for research grants: home
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Eligible destination country/ies for fellows:

  • Italy

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Selection process

evaluation of presented titles and interview on the subjects specified by the notice

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