Manager (Sustainability)

Constellation Brands

Mexico City, , MX

Job Description

Develop and lead the short and long term Environmental Sustainability agenda in the manufacturing operations for Beer Division, in order to ensure the business continuity through the implementation of strategies that can assure the efficiency in the manufacturing processes reducing the consumption of resources (Water, energy, raw materials, etc.). Also, is responsible to develop and implement initiatives to generate environmental culture, and establish liaisons with internal and external stakeholders.


The main responsibilities are :


1. Responsible to establish Environmental Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to gather and track the resource consumption data (Water, energy, waste, etc), in order to elaborate all the different Environmental Sustainability reports for Beer Division, Global operations, Dow Jones, CO2 Emissions reports, etc.


2. Based on the business needs, identify improvement initiatives along with the manufacturing plants, to establish short, middle and long term action plans to reduce the natural resources consumption (Water, energy, raw material, etc.) in order to achieve the Corporate Environmental Goals for the Carbon Footprint, Water Footprint reduction.


3. Ensure the propel Environmental legal requirements and regulations compliance (Federal, Municipal and local levels), in all the manufacturing operations and construction projects. Also, be able to identify any regulations changes and/or new publications, by monitoring and updating the compliance matrix, in order to eliminate any legal risk.


4. Responsible to promote and support Nationals and internationals Environmental certifications as “Clean Industry”, “Water stewardship certification”, etc. Also, responsible to implement and administrate in a corporate level the “Environmental Management System” by the development of operative standards, internal audits and training, in order to ensure the ISO 14001 certification.


5. Establish and attend key liaisons with different stakeholders related to Environmental issues as: Comercial Chambers, NGO’s, Expertise Groups, Government, Research centers, and educative institutions.


6. Develop and implement campaigns, celebrations days, and initiatives to generate in all the collaborates levels an environmental culture. Also responsible to establish a communication and training agenda for the different environmental issues.


7. Responsible to lead the “Supply relationship Management program” for the Environment area, by establishing suppliers environmental audits and assessments protocol. Also, able to elaborate the life cycle analysis for the different operations through the supply chain to identify improvement opportunities from C2C (Cradle to Grave cycle).


8. Identify opportunities to develop innovative CapEx proyects to implement State-of-the-art Technology to ensure the business continuity through the reduction of the natural resources consumption, more efficient processes and implementation of alternative energy sources. Resulting in the generation of productivity for the company, and responsible of identify and control environmental risks.


The profile required is:


Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Industrial Engineering.

Master in Environmental Engineering (Desirable).

+ 5 Years of experience in EHS in an international manufacturing company

Efficient use of water and energy

Management system – ISO 14,001 Certification

Internal Audit – ISO 14,001 Certification

Environmental Regulations

Project Management certification

LEED Certification

Fluent in english





IHE Delft Institute for Water Education - MSc in Water and Sustainable Development