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The Swedish Red Cross (SRC) has been engaged in supporting the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement’s response in Yemen since the beginning of the crisis affecting the country, and is now looking for a WaSH delegate to be seconded to the IFRC (International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies) Country Office in Yemen. For the full job description and candidate profile – see below.

Desired starting date: as soon as possible
Mission period: 12 months, with the possibility of extension
Contract modality: Swedish Red Cross delegate contract, seconded to IFRC (for more information on what it means to be contracted as a delegate by Swedish RC, see our Delegate Handbook)

How to apply

Click “Apply” at the end of this page to fill out your details and upload your CV and a cover letter. You will get an automatic confirmation that we have received your application. 

Please note that only applications made through our website will be considered. 

Additional information

For more information about the position, please contact Kriztin Solberg, Regional Desk Officer, Middle East and North Africa, at [email protected], or +46 70 270 65 57. For information about the recruitment process, please contact David Fältén, HR Advisor International Assignments at [email protected], or +468-452 48 42.

We kindly decline any offer of services from recruitment agencies or consultants.

Job description

Job title: WASH delegate, Country Level
Duty station: IFRC Country Office, Yemen
Immediate Supervisor’s Title: IFRC Head of Country Office for Yemen
Technical Manager’s Title: Regional WASH and Health Unit – MENA Region
Reports: No direct or indirect reports

Organizational context 

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC or “the Federation”) has presence and legal status in Yemen since 2003 and its structure enable programme support to Yemen Red Crescent Society (YRCS) mandate and strategy. Given the operational context in the country, the operational plan is developed around seven areas of focus and four strategies for implementation that has been agreed with the National Society and partners in country. Essentially, the IFRC focuses its efforts in National Society Development and aim to strongly engage in supporting Movement coordination efforts. Support to YRCS in operational programme delivery is also planned in areas of emergency response, health and WASH.

After escalation of armed conflict since late March 2015, the humanitarian situation has further deteriorated, resulting in many people having been killed or injured and with 3.65 million people internally displaced including refugees (UNOCHA, Nov 2019) and 24.1 million Yemenis (12.3M are children) needing some form of humanitarian assistance. Frequent and subsequent waves of public health emergencies have been affecting the country during the last few years including the worst Cholera outbreak worldwide. In addition to malfunctioning of the public health system, these emergencies and health risks have impacted peoples’ lives negatively; especially the most vulnerable populations including children, pregnant and lactating women, and elderlies. This presents a severe public health situation in Yemen and highlights the need and importance of a robust IFRC support mechanism for addressing humanitarian crises posed by armed conflict, disease outbreaks and restoration of basic infrastructure.

Job purpose

Reporting to the Head of Country Office of IFRC, the WASH Delegate will:

  • Strongly contribute to the Movement efforts in the development of the WASH programme in response to the Yemen context
  • Guide and support YRCS in the implementation of the WASH programme together with ICRC and other Movement partners
  • Integrate the programme with other relevant activities of the YRCS
  • Strengthen NS and Movement partners WASH capacities in Yemen
  • The position will ensure major focus and dedication to the Movements efforts on WASH programme management and coordination
  • There will also be a specific dedication (30%) towards specific files funded by Swedish RC through IFRC

Job duties and responsibilities

The WASH Delegate will:

  1. Support the YRCS and Movement partners to further develop a WASH programme with vulnerable communities in Yemen.
  2. Provide technical oversight of the WASH programme in support to YRCS, ICRC and other Movement partners.
  3. Assist the YRCS and partners to undertake integrated assessments with potential target communities for WASH activities.
  4. Promote the effective use of green response and community engagement and accountability tools and processes in developing WASH activities.
  5. Support the YRCS and partners in the further development of existing baseline data through which to monitor the WASH programme.
  6. Work with the IFRC and partners team to procure WASH materials and to engage contractors as required.
  7. Monitor and supervise the work of contractors engaged in WASH activities.
  8. Assist the YRCS to develop systems to ensure the rigorous monitoring of the WASH programme.
  9. In collaboration with the YRCS, ensure that WASH activities are well coordinated with the WASH Cluster and other relevant authorities and maintain effective coordination with other international agencies and NGOs engaged in WASH activities.
  10. Ensure effective coordination in WASH with Movement partners through strong engagement in Movement Technical Working group.
  11. Assist the YRCS in the development and delivery of WASH-related training for communities, YRCS volunteers and staff.
  12. Ensure that WASH programme plans are consistent with wider operational plans and well-integrated with other sector programmes.
  13. Support the revision of operational plans and budgets as required.
  14. Work with the YRCS to provide timely, quality reporting on the programme, seeking to build YRCS’s reporting capacity.
  15. In collaboration with the operations team and the YRCS, support the evaluation of the operation.
  16. Contribute to wider organisational learning from the operation.
  17. Facilitate the development of partnerships with potential donors, including private sector organisations, for future emergency response operations.
  18. In coordination with Beirut and Geneva WASH teams, explore possibility of One WASH programming in the affected area for cholera preparedness and prevention.
  19. Maintaining a close link with regional WASH teams in MENA and global levels
  20. Maintaining a close link with the Swedish Red Cross MENA unit and SRC technical WASH advisors

Duties applicable to all staff

  • Actively work towards the achievement of the Federation Secretariat’s goals.
  • Abide by and work in accordance with the Red Cross and Red Crescent principles and rules of conduct.
  • Perform any other work-related duties and responsibilities that may be assigned by the line manager. 

Position requirements

Education and experience

  • Relevant university degree in Civil or Water Engineering (WASH) and hygiene promotion or similar fields
  • Professional qualification in WASH operations management
  • At least five years of experience in developing and managing WASH/ WATSAN programmes including personnel, budget and financial management to ensure compliance
  • Proven field working experience in complex emergencies of managing international humanitarian operations in WASH and/or public health
  • Experience in reporting and proposal writing
  • Experience in donor/partner relationship management
  • Experience of working and living in insecure and complex conflict settings

Knowledge and skills

  • Self-supporting in computers.
  • Ability to work under stressful conditions, meet deadlines and travel extensively to support field operations or training.
  • Good knowledge of WASH management, as well as mechanisms, tools and guidelines for programming and coordination at different levels.
  • Good Knowledge of the region and capacity to practice political and cultural sensitivity
  • Ability to work to tight deadlines and handle multiple tasks
  • Security management and personal security knowledge and experience
  • Fluent in written and spoken English

 Merit qualifications

  • Experience of working for the Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement
  • Good command of Arabic
  • Previous work experience in the Middle East and particularly in Yemen