Water Resources Management Specialist (International)

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

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Objective and Purpose of the Assignment
The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is providing transaction technical assistance (TA) facility to the 
Republic of Indonesia to support project preparation, project implementation, and capacity building and 
policy advice to a series of ongoing and ensuing projects on water security in the Republic of Indonesia 
during 2020–2024. The TA is a subproject under the TA cluster for the Sustainable Infrastructure 
Assistance Program Phase II (SIAP2). 

The TA facility will help prepare and implement investments that will address water security challenges 
in Indonesia. The TA facility will (i) build on partnerships to bring innovations including land and 
water management earth observations services; web-based asset management information systems and use of 
Light Detection and Ranging to improve operation and maintenance of water resources assets, and nature 
based solutions; (ii) focus on project readiness by synchronizing project preparation with facilities 
such as the Accelerating Infrastructure Delivery through Better Engineering Services Project (ESP);  
(iii) provide integrated water supply solutions under the “source to tap” framework by facilitating 
collaboration among sectors;  (iv) leverage financing by continuing the strategic partnership with the 
International Fund for Agricultural Development and by identifying potential for private investments 
through public-private partnership and other modalities for the water supply sector.

The TA facility has the following outputs: (i) planning, project design and readiness improved; and (ii) 
project implementation support, capacity development, and policy advice provided. 

Scope of Work
The specialist will support the Directorate General of Water Resources (DGWR), Ministry of Public Works 
and Housing (MPWH) in preparing the Enhanced Water Security Investment Project (EWSIP). The specialist 
will specifically: 

(i) conduct high quality review, provide technical advice and guidance to Project Preparation 
Consultants (PPCs) engaged under ESP. The PPCs are responsible to prepare the feasibility study, DED, 
economic and financial analysis (EFA), social safeguards, and environment document for flood risk 
management (FRM) and source to tap (STT) subprojects proposed for construction under the EWSIP;
(ii) support DGWR in finalizing the loan documents drafted under TRTA9506. 

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output
(i) Review feasibility studies and engineering design for FRM and STT subprojects prepared under the ESP 
and advise the PPCs accordingly;
(ii) Identify best practices (climate adaptation, seismic risk proofing, water efficiency) relevant to 
the project and formulate activities to be part of the investment;
(iii) In consultation with proposed implementing agencies, finalize (a) detailed activities, logical 
frameworks and cost estimates for project components, (b) detailed implementation plans, (c) component 
profiles, and (d) terms of reference for consulting services and procurement packages;
(iv) Prepare documents necessary for procurement of consulting and other services for all component 
projects and support advance procurement for priority component projects;
(v) For each selected river basins, prepare a technical and institutional assessment for data 
acquisition and management, and modeling; a hydrometerological network rationalization plan, capacity 
development program for river basin modeling; and data management including transfer of knowledge and 
technical support from relevant institutes such as the National Research Center for Water Resources; 
(vi) Support the preparation of the linked documents attached to the Report and Recommendation of the 
President to the Board of Directors (RRP) for the ensuing projects;
(vii) Supervise 1-2 Hydraulic and/or Water Supply Assistants who will support data processing for flood 
risk management, hydraulics and raw water supply; and 
(viii) Facilitate focus group discussions to review project preparation progress.

• Review of PPCs technical reports; 
• Loan documentation including but not limited to (a) detailed activities, logical frameworks and cost 
estimates for project components, (b) detailed implementation plans, (c) component profiles, and (d) 
terms of reference for consulting services and procurement package; (iii) PAM, including implementation 
arrangements, role and responsibilities of each agencies, and procurement plan; 
• Monthly administrative reports following ADB template; and
• Working group materials and discussion and technical notes as required.
Minimum Qualification Requirements
The consultant must have a higher degree (M.Sc. or equivalent), in civil engineering or water resources. 
The consultant must have at least 10 years of relevant experience in developing infrastructure projects 
covering flood risks management, raw water supply, irrigated agriculture, large and small dams with 
strong focus on operational and technical matters. Experience in designing and operational optimization 
of dams including hydrological assessments, and mathematical modelling for flood routing, institutional 
and policy aspects of dam management, and operational efficiencies in terms of climate change adaptation 
and socio-environmental aspects is essential. Experience in hydrological review to optimize basin water 
resources and climate change vulnerability assessment of water projects is also essential. Knowledge of 
the government planning cycle, procurement procedures and financial management mechanisms would be an 
advantage. The specialist must have strong interpersonal and communication skills, be fluent in written 
and spoken English, and have proven ability in report writing for professional purposes.