Technician position in Remote Sensing for Evapotranspiration via EURAXESS


Lleida, , ES

Specific functions:

  • Use of remote sensing technologies for precision irrigation.
  • Contribution in the analysis of satellite/airborne/UAV imagery in order to obtain the biophysical parameters of the vegetation, crop water status and evapotranspiration.
  • Learn about surface energy balance models and the automation of different processes in order to enhance the image processing workflow.
  • Use of neural networks (CNN) and Machine learning techniques.
  • Participation in airborne campaigns.
  • Participate in gathering field data and the maintenance and analysis of data from an Eddy-Covariance system.


Salary: 24.962,05 € gross annual salary

Selection process

Deadline timing job ref. 09 /2020 Technician position in Remote Sensing for Evapotranspiration

  • 30 days Publication and diffusion of the job advertisement on IRTA’s website, EURAXESS Jobs, social networks and other specific recruitment places.
  • 2 following working days To send, for its study, the pre-selected CV which match eligibility criteria to the Selection Committee. To send an automated e-mail for those who have not been pre-selected and cannot continue the process.
  • 10-15 following working days Selection Committee:
    • Interview with preselected candidates.
    • To send an e-mail for those who have not been selected by the Selection Committee.
    • Committee Selection Agreement with the selected candidate, giving reasons for the rest to be excluded.
    • Notification by e-mail to the candidates who have been interviewed but not selected.
  • 12-16 following working days To send to HR all the needed official documentation in order to make the work contract and co-ordination for establishing the start of the employment.
  • First week of May of 2020 Start of employment (approximately)

Additional comments

*During the first year of contract, IRTA will cover the cost to obtain license to fly drones.

*The technician will be based at Fruitcentre-IRTA (Lleida). She/he will also have secondment opportunities (up to 6 months) to one of the partner organizations of the Marie-Curie ACCWA project (

Web site for additional job details

Offer Requirements

    Agricultural sciences: Master Degree or equivalent
    Environmental science: Master Degree or equivalent
    SPANISH: Good



  • Diploma of Higher Education in Computer Sciences, Agronomy, Environmental Sciences or related disciplines and equivalent studies.
  • Good standard of written and spoken English.
  • Programming the Language Python and Geographic Information Systems/Geospatial analysis knowledge.
  • Skills:
  • Analytical skills
  • Effective time management and ability to prioritize tasks
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to successfully work within a team

Specific Requirements

Specific merits:

  • Bachelor’s o Master degree in Remote Sensing or Space Engineering.
  • Ability to pursue data-oriented research as well as experimental approaches and fieldwork to validate evapotranspiration models.
  • Knowledge and/or take interest in learning about crop evapotranspiration and agronomy.