Postdoctoral position in monitoring and modelling of sustainable urban stormwater management systems via EURAXESS

, QC, CA

Sustainable stormwater management systems aim to protect receiving rivers and infrastructure by promoting the retention, infiltration and evapotranspiration of runoff. The main objective of the research program is to increase scientific knowledge and develop new tools to improve the management of stormwater in urban areas. More specifically, over the next few years, research work will be carried out to: i) collect performance data (hydrological and environmental) on several sustainable stormwater management systems in the province of Quebec, and ii) develop models and tools to increase the performance of these systems, whether during their design or their operation in real time. This last objective covers several activities, including hydrological analysis, mathematical modelling, optimization of the structures design and location, at the watershed scale, and implementation of advanced dynamic control methods. These research activities will be carried out in collaboration with 10 municipalities in Quebec and a private partner. The postdoctoral fellow will participate to all these research activities, will be responsible for coordinating field activities and will participate in the supervision of graduate students.