Final Evaluation of U.S. State Department Support for the NAP Global Network

National Adaptation Plan (NAP) Global Network

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The National Adaptation Plan Global Network (NAP GN) is a multi-funder initiative that was established in 2014 to enhance climate adaptation planning processes in developing countries through coordination of bilateral support and in-country actors. Participants of the Network come from more than 120 countries and are primarily adaptation practitioners working on National Adaptation Plan (NAP) processes. The NAP Global Network helps advance NAP processes by providing support through three main areas of work—facilitating peer learning and exchange, supporting national-level action on NAP development and implementation, and enhancing adaptation-relevant bilateral support. The NAP GN Secretariat is hosted by the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD).

As outlined in the attached Statement of Work, IISD is seeking a consultant to undertake the final evaluation of the components of the NAP GN financed by the US Department of State between September 22, 2015, and June 30, 2020. This document outlines the expected content of the proposals received in response to this Request for Proposals.


Received proposals are expected to contain the following information.

2.A. Applicant Profile

Applicants should provide:

  • Name and coordinates of the main contact person for this project within your organization or the lead organization of a consortium of partners.
  • A short profile of your organization or consortium of partner organizations submitting the application that highlights how your capacity and experience makes you suitable to undertake the activities described in the Statement of Work.

2.B. Statement of understanding of the assignment

Each applicant is asked to provide a short statement that outlines your understanding of the purpose of the evaluation, its anticipated scope, and the key learnings that are expected to arise from its completion.

2.C. Demonstration of prior experience in undertaking similar assignments

Provide up to five examples of work completed in the past five years undertaking assignments similar to the Statement of Work that demonstrate the capacity of your organization or consortium to effectively and efficiently undertake the described evaluation.

2.D. Proposed approach to the evaluation

Describe how your organization or consortium proposes to undertake the activities described in the Statement of Work and answer the presented evaluation questions. Within your response, identify your rationale for the approach selected and illustrate your capacity to implement it by referencing your past experience. Identify any challenges anticipated to be experienced in implementing your planned approach and possible means by which these challenges could be ameliorated. Note any deviation from the expectations outlined in the Evaluation Design and Methodology section of the Statement of Work and the rationale for your proposed change(s).

2.E. Proposed work plan (timeline and deliverables)

In a Gantt chart, clearly present the proposed activities to be completed as part of the evaluation, including main deliverables and anticipated timeline for their completion, consistent with your proposed approach and the requirements set out in the Statement of Work. The chart should demonstrate how all aspects of the evaluation will be completed in the total time available for this contract, not exceeding the contract’s period of performance.

Note any deviations from the timeline and schedule of deliverables contained in the Statement of Work and the rationale for your proposed change(s).

2.F. Planned personnel

Consistent with the guidance provided in the Statement of Work, identify each member of your proposed team, their planned position within the team, and their anticipated role in completing the evaluation’s proposed activities. For each member, provide a short biography demonstrating their suitability for their proposed position and role within the evaluation team. CVs for proposed team members of up to four pages in length per person can be included in an appendix to the proposal.

2.G. Proposed budget

Provide a budget that includes:

  • Estimated total cost associated with each of the proposed members of the implementation team.
  • Breakdown of other anticipated direct costs such as travel, engagement of local contractors (if applicable), and communications.
  • A Summary Budget, including category summaries for personnel costs, other direct costs, and totals.

A separate Budget Narrative is encouraged to provide additional detail on any of the budget line items.  For personnel, actual names of persons being proposed, as well as their titles, is requested.


Received proposals should be no longer than 15 pages in length. In addition to the proposal, please include an appendix containing CVs of proposed personnel. The applications should be in English, in easy to read font (10 point minimum, with the exception of any included figures and tables), and margins of 1 inch (or equivalent) on all sides. Applications will be submitted electronically in PDF format.


To apply for this consultancy, please submit your proposal to: [email protected]

Application deadline:  March 27, 2020

Anticipated start date:  No later than April 17, 2020

The evaluator is advised to submit its most competitive offer up to a maximum of 80,000 USD. All submitted proposals will be reviewed utilizing the same, standard criteria.


The successful applicant will be issued a contract by IISD. General Terms and Conditions of all IISD contracts is available upon request.

Download the Statement of Work

Download the RFP for the Final Evaluation of US Department of State support for the National Adaptation Plan Global Network