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The position

The Aga Khan Development Network has decided to make climate change a central focus of its policies and programs throughout the network. This decision has far-reaching consequences for the AKDN’s projects and programs, including its investment portfolio, as well as for the AKDN’s leadership and influencing strategy. 

To guide the change process needed to implement the AKDN’s approach to climate change, the AKDN has created an AKDN Environment and Climate Change Committee (AKDN-ECC) with membership from AKDN Governance, as well as key Agency Heads from across the AKDN, both on the social development side and the economic side of the network. The AKDN-ECC has decided to hire an AKDN Climate Change Coordinator to integrate its work across the network. The Climate Change Coordinator will lead the implementation of the work plan as approved by the AKDN-ECC. 

The main responsibilities of the Climate Change Coordinator will be: 

  • formulating the AKDN Climate Change Strategy, in partnership with the AKDN-ECC, keeping in mind the broader framework of the AKDN; 
  • setting up a robust Monitoring and Evaluation system that will allow the network to monitor on-going progress against the goals set in the Strategy; 
  • coordinating the implementation of a wide array of climate change actions, both mitigation and adaptation, by all AKDN Agencies, including technical guidance, designing and implementing training programs and support to agencies in delivering on the Climate Change Strategy; 
  • providing strategic and technical inputs to pitches and proposals to key donors in the area of climate change; 
  • leading the AKDN’s Green House Gas Measurement and Management initiative, as well as the corresponding offset programme; 
  • being an advocate and change agent with AKDN Leaders for climate action across AKDN. 

The requirements

The successful candidate will be expected to demonstrate evidence of the following: 

  • Significant experience of climate change (or related area) advocacy, policy making, research, training and/or teaching; 
  • significant demonstrable experience in senior-level policy-making, advocacy, research, training and/or teaching on global climate change issues in international organisations, government, NGOs or development institutions. Private sector experience is desirable; 
  • track record of developing political advocacy strategy and achieving results on international policy initiatives related to climate change; 
  • practical knowledge of gender and social inclusion for climate change; 
  • experience assisting clients understand climate change risks in a practical way, and the implications for their programs, by translating and tailoring complex and technical information; 
  • direct experience with environmental or climate change monitoring and compliance; 
  • ability to provide guidance for the analysis and assessment of climate risks in a wide-ranging investment and program portfolio; 
  • knowledge and understanding of the emerging array of green financial instruments such as green bonds and carbon markets; 
  • willingness to travel often to Central Asia, Africa, South Asia and within Europe and North America; 
  • a minimum of a Master’s degree in an area such as climate change, water resource management, engineering, development studies, economics, business, law, environmental sciences or a related field;
  • field experience in a developing country is highly desirable; 
  • published record of relevant academic research is highly desirable.

The successful candidate will demonstrate the following personal characteristics: 

  • excellent problem solver, self-starter and ability to develop innovative solutions for complex topics; 
  • strong analytical skills and an eye for detail; 
  • strong stakeholder management skills, political acumen and diplomatic skills; 
  • strong interpersonal skills, with excellent verbal and written communication in English; 
  • excellent operational, organisational, and project management skills; 
  • high integrity and ability to balance competing demands; 
  • customer oriented with a strong service orientation; 
  • patient and demanding with a pleasant approach; 
  • passionate about the values of AKDN. 

Please note that AKAH is being assisted in this appointment process by an executive search firm and applications made via the AKDN CC will be forwarded. 

Deadline 20 March 2020  and interviews in April 2020


Social Development

About the Agency

A new agency, the Aga Khan Agency for the Habitat (AKAH), works to ensure that people live in physical settings that are as safe as possible from the effects of natural disasters, that residents who do live in such high risk areas are able to cope with disasters in terms of preparedness and response, and that these settings provide access to social and financial services that lead to greater opportunities and a better quality of life. The new agency merges the activities of the Aga Khan Planning and Building Services, with its prize-winning water and sanitation programmes and low-cost habitat products, such as smoke-free stoves; the humanitarian arm of AKDN, FOCUS, which promotes disaster mitigation and resiliency and intervenes after disasters; the AKDN’s Disaster Risk Management Initiative, which focuses on disaster preparedness in remote areas; and the environment- and habitat-related activities of the Aga Khan Foundation, including the Prince Sadruddin Fund for the Environment and the Foundation’s highly regarded rural support programmes.



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